Kumkum Bhagya 3rd July 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 3rd July 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 3rd July 2023 Written Episode Update: Kumkum written update

Today's Kumkum Bhagya 3rd July 2023 episode starts with Prachi breaking down in the kitchen as Mihika's words echo in her ears and cry her heart out.

Just then, Mandeep and Vishaka walk into the kitchen asking Prachi about her worrisome behaviour.

Vishaka bashes Prachi for doing a bad omen outside and despite redoing it she is sitting in the kitchen.

Mihika walks in asking Prachi why is she behaving weirdly and Prachi tells everyone that the plate fell down as she was feeling drowsy.

Further, Mihika tells Prachi to not worry as she helps Mandeep in making the aarti plate again.

Meanwhile, Ranbeer blames his destiny for getting him again in Prachi's life and concludes that Prachi will consider his return to fulfil his challenge.

Seeing Akshay confused, Ashok tells Akshay to wait as he will talk to Ranbeer himself.

As Ashok walks toward Ranbeer, he gets scared and feels nervous murmuring that only he wanted to help Mihika but got stuck in a problem.

However, another lady stops Ashok asking him to walk to her as they need to discuss something.

Elsewhere, Prachi remembers Ranbeer's words and musters that Ranbeer is using a naive Mihika for his selfish motives.

A concerned Prachi asks Mihika to spare her two minutes but a frustrated Vishaka scolds Prachi for thinking to take Mihika away while the guest is waiting at the doorstep.

Further, Prachi makes up an excuse to get ghee (clarified butter) from the store room and forcefully takes Mihika along with her.

As they walk, Akshay comes in between and takes Mihika away asking Prachi to wait for a while.

In the room, Akshay asks Mihika why is she with Ranbeer and Mihika states that she likes Ranbeer.

She announces that he is the best guy for her as he fulfils all her demands and stood by her side when she was completely broken.

Seeing Mihika defending Ranbeer, Akshay screams at Mihika for trusting Ranbeer.

He tells Mihika that Ranbeer has been married before to Rhea and she should not consider this relationship calling it a rebound.

Mihika questions Akshay for having a baseless, rebound-type relationship with Prachi turning Akshay to raise his hand at her.

Mandeep gets shocked seeing Akshay lifting his hand on Mihika and Mihika rushes to her.

Elsewhere, Ranbeer calls Mihika stupid as she got so many people to welcome her useless boyfriend that too when he is ready to marry someone else.

Prachi returning to the hall musters that Ranbeer is playing tricks with her while Ranbeer murmurs that Prachi must be thinking that he has returned to take revenge.

Simultaneously, Divya and Neha compliment how handsome Ranbeer is and states that Mihika got lucky.

Prachi gets awkward hearing Divya and Neha admiring Ranbeer and their desire to get a boy for themselves just like him.

Further, Prachi decides to share everything with Mihika to alert her about Ranbeer and Abhay asks her to get the aarti thali.

Back in the room, Mandeep scolds Akshay for raising his hand to slap Mihika but Akshay tells Mandeep that Mihika has bad-mouthed about his relationship with Prachi.

Akshay mocks Mihika for always acting stupid while choosing boys who are scared of committing to her and Mihika reprimands Akshay for always judging her wrong.

Mandeep bashes Akshay for ruining the situation as Ranbeer is already standing outside.

She then tells Mihika to come along quickly as Vishaka has already taken Prachi with her.

Mandeep tells Akshay to not embarrass the family and drags him to the hall.

In the hall, Akshay and Mihika again lock horns stating that Mihika's choice can get the family in big trouble.

Further, Akshay tells Mandeep that Mihika has got Ranbeer just to prove him wrong while Mandeep screams at both of them to stop.

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