Kumkum Bhagya 3rd July 2024 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 3rd July 2024 Written Update

Today's Kumkum Bhagya episode starts with Purvi staring at Rajvansh and thinking that what good deeds she has done in life that Rajvansh entered her life and she could marry him.

Just then, Rajvansh notices her seeing him and questions Purvi while she says she isn't seeing him after which Rajvansh says he knows she is seeing him then Purvi agrees so Rajvansh asks her to not see him like that.

Meanwhile, Purvi asks him why then Rajvansh says that Harleen says that they get evil eyes if someone looks that way and Purvi says Harleen actually thinks he has got evil eyes as he keeps get into the problems thus she has even kept the veneration for him so he should sleep.

However, Rajvansh says that he doesn't need any veneration until Purvi is with him while Purvi says she is with him always but the veneration is important after which Rajvansh teases her saying he meant to say that no veneration will be beneficial for him as she is his biggest problem.

After that, Purvi throws a pillow at him while Rajvansh acts to be hurt then Purvi cares for him but got irked when he laughs after which they sleep and Purvi smiles seeing at sleeping Rajvansh.

There, Monisha is sitting sad in her room after which Deepika comes there and asks her to not be sad as Rajvansh got saved from the terrorists but Monisha says that her love anniversary got wasted.

She adds, she should have been with Rajvansh but the terrorists ruined it then Purvi and Rajvansh's bond is growing and even the family members are praising Purvi for saving Rajvansh.

Further, Deepika assures her that tomorrow they'll turn the tables and everyone will bad-mouth Purvi again after which in the morning the family prepares for the veneration.

After that, Harleen comes and asks Deepika to bring the veneration related ingredients after which she asks Purvi to get ready quickly as she doesn't want any late in the veneration.

However, Deepika asks Purvi to bring the stuff telling her about the nearby shop after which she and Monisha enjoy seeing Purvi doing servant's work.

Later, Purvi buys the stuff in the market and feels someone is stalking her while Harleen finds Deepika and Vaishali gossiping and the preparations aren't done after which she gets to know that Deepika has sent Purvi to get the stuff.

She scolds her that Purvi should be here on the time as she'll sit in the veneration with Rajvansh and the veneration can't be done without her after which she instructs her to call Purvi back immediately.

Meanwhile, Purvi gets tensed feeling someone is stalking her after which Deepika didn't have Purvi's number and she is late thus Rajvansh calls her.

Then, Purvi tells him that she is coming back soon but Rajvansh senses the tension in her voice thus decide to go to her while Purvi runs to save her just then a man catches her who is revealed as Jasbeer which scares Purvi.

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