Kumkum Bhagya 3rd November 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 3rd November 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 3rd November 2023 Written Episode Update: Kumkum written update

Today's Kumkum Bhagya 3rd November 2023 episode starts with Prachi getting a call from Ranbeer and walking away from the family as he asks her if she misses him or not.

She tells him that he knows she won't answer and tells him to feel it from his heart.

He smiles telling her that he knows while asking her if she likes the Lehenga as he himself chose it for her.

Getting shy, Prachi walks away while Mihika grinds her teeth in jealousy.

Later, Mihika talks to Divya telling her that she will not let the marriage happen and has a plan to make Ranber hers only.

The next day, the makeup artist does Prachi and asks her if she should help her change to which Prachi refuses.

Prachi thinks about how she's going to get married to Ranbeer again and gets happy while Mihika watches her from the window and states that she won't let it happen.

Flashback shows Mihika ruining the Lehenga and ripping it while thinking that she has to delay the marriage and make Vikram drink the spiked drink so that he gets chest pains and ends up in the hospital, halting the marriage altogether.

Back in the present, Prachi is shocked to see her Lehenga being ripped and hides it as Manpreet comes there and tells her to get ready.

Prachi nods and tells her that she'll be out in a minute while Manpreet tells her that the Baarat will be coming anytime.

Just then, they hear the sounds of Baarat and Manpreet with Mihika rushes to the hall to see her Ranbeer.

She admires him while he looks at the poster announcing his and Prachi's marriage.

The Tandon family comes forward to do their aarti and welcomes them as Pallavi and others tease Ranbeer for being impatient.

Mihika thinks about how Pallavi has changed and tells herself that she should push her off the terrace.

They start the Var Pooja while Prachi wonders what to do and thinks that Mihika must have done this as there is no one else who is against the marriage.

Meanwhile, Mihika adds the pill to the welcome drink and convinces Vikram to drink it.

Ranbeer plays with Khushi and asks Dida where is Prachi.

Dida goes to check on Prachi when Prachi tells her about the dress to which Dida tells her to wear any good outfit she has and come out soon.

She leaves and tells Ranbeer that Prachi will be out in a while and when Prachi doesn't come, Ranbir leaves the Mandap to check in with Prachi.

He enters Prachi's room and starts scolding her and bantering with her, telling her that she cannot leave him at the Mandap and has to marry him.

Prachi shouts at him not to be stupid, telling him that her Lehenga is ruined and she is fixing it.

He tells her that Akshay must have done it to which Prachi tells him not to argue about it today and they both start wondering what to do.

Later, the family gets worried when Ranbeer and Prachi walk downstairs with Prachi, wearing Pallavi's wedding dress.

Khushi gives the flower petal plate to Akshay and drags him behind the couple as she holds her parents' hand and walks with them while Akshay angrily throws the petals over them.

Ranbir apologizes to Pallavi while Pallavi gets emotional seeing Prachi and kisses her forehead, telling her that she looks stunning while Mihika heaves in anger.

The ladies get emotional as the couple gets on the Mandap and exchange Varmalas.

The marriage proceeds as Ranbir picks her up in his arms to complete the pheras, tie the Mangalsutra and fill her hairline with vermillion.

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