Kumkum Bhagya 4th April 2024 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 4th April 2024 Written Update

Today's Kumkum Bhagya episode starts with Krishna and Prachi feeling each other presence so they turn to see each other but can't due to Sehra over Krishna's face.

Just then, Vishakha comes and takes Prachi from there badmouthing Monisha while Prachi tries to calm her but she doesn't.

Further, Prachi says that she knows Monisha's vibe isn't good but they have to be calm as she is Deepika's sister and works with Rajvansh.

This makes Vishakha worried and she asks Prachi to warn Purvi about Monisha while Prachi says she has already done it.

There, Rajvansh sees Khushi's anxious face and asks her the reason for it just then Monisha comes there, and Purvi remembers her words that Rajvansh won't ever take an interest in Purvi so Purvi holds Rajvansh's hand while Rajvansh kisses her forehead praising her beauty to make Khushi jealous.

After that, Monisha and Khushi look jealous while Rajvansh asks why she is looking upset after which Armaan says Khushi is upset with him.

However, Khushi asks him to not disclose their private matter like that, but Purvi takes her aside to ask her about the matter while Armaan tells Rajvansh that Khushi is upset because he isn't able to give her enough time, after which Rajvansh understands Khushi is jealous.

Meanwhile, Monisha vents her frustration to Deepika and Vaishali about not being able to see Khushi's face which Rajvansh likes, but they say that there is a huge difference in Rajvansh's past and present choices.

After that, Monisha expresses her wish to team up with Khushi to separate Rajvansh and Purvi but Deepika asks her not to do that after which, Monisha goes from there not listening to them.

There, Khushi tells the same to Purvi who tells her to not be upset as Armaan will get romantic seeing the wedding vibes after which Khushi asks if everything is getting fine between Rajvansh and Purvi, while Purvi lies.

On the other hand, Trishna and Krishna meet Amardayal while Purvi asks Khushi and Armaan to come with her and Rajvansh also accompanies them.

However, Khushi gets interrupted by seeing Vishakha scolding a waiter and she calms her down just then Vishakha makes her meet Kartik misunderstanding him as Krishna.

On the other hand, Prachi and her family prepare food while Monisha sees them and thinks such a low-class family's daughter can't get Rajvansh.

There, Rajvansh and Krishna show an attitude toward each other while Purvi sees Khushi is missing so she goes to find her while Monisha shares her frustration with Deepika and Vaishali about how Rajvansh kissed Purvi's forehead, which shocks them.

Meanwhile, Purvi overhears them and decides to make Monisha more jealous, and she dances with Rajvansh while Krishna imagines Prachi and him dancing together.

After that, he decides to cancel the wedding while Prachi also gets restless and goes out, while Trishna gets shocked by Krishna's step as the guests arrive.

There, Rajvansh goes after Monisha and Trishna shares her fear with Prachi after which Prachi says she'll talk with Krishna.

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