Kumkum Bhagya 4th June 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 4th June 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 4th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Kumkum written update

Today's Kumkum Bhagya 4th June 2023 episode starts with Ranbeer barging into Prachi’s wedding screaming her name and announcing his disagreement with the wedding.

Meanwhile, Dida is in disbelief to see Aliya at the wedding and Vikram screams at Aliya to walk out of his house without intervening in his family matters.

Dida calls out Aliya for her daring attitude while Aliya warns the family to vent their anger on Ranbeer despite her.

As Aliya walks to Rhea, Rhea asks Aliya to step away as they do not share any relationship post her past mistakes.

Aliya smirks and tells the family to think whatever they want as she does not give a damn about their blames and allegations.

Further, she tells them that Prachi and her daughter are still alive claiming that she is not the culprit.

Aliya yells at the family saying that she knows how to stand by her relations as she reminds them of Ranbeer leaving Rhea on the mandap twice.

She calls Ranbeer a disgusting man turning Dida to raise a hand on her in a rage of anger.

An agitated Aliya walks out of the house whereas Dida comforts Rhea and seeks forgiveness from her.

Further, Aliya calls her man to enquire about Ranbeer and asks his man to get Ranbeer out of Prachi’s wedding anyhow.

Aliya murmurs to her man to follow her orders and kidnap Ranbeer from Prachi’s wedding with the help of his friends.

Meanwhile, Shahana stops Dadi from letting Ranbeer stop Prachi’s wedding.

In the meantime, Rhea tells Aliya that she is standing by her family making Aliya boil in anger.

Rhea tells Aliya to not utter a word against her family asking her to leave her house.

However, Aliya tells Rhea to stop being a doormat and assures her that she will make everything right in her life.

Rhea tells Aliya to not cross her line whereas Aliya keeps on instigating Rhea against Ranbeer and Kohli's family.

Aliya tries an emotional way to blame the family for hurting Rhea again.

She, further, questions the family for choosing Prachi over Rhea every time while Rhea was the one who saved the family from breaking down during the testing times.

Aliya tells Rhea that she has called the police as Rhea has had enough of sacrificing everything.

In the meantime, Dadi asks the Panditji to continue the wedding rituals and Ranbeer looks at Prachi standing in the corner.

However, losing control over his emotions, Ranbeer walks into the mandap and unties the Gath Bandhan.

Ashok pushes Ranbeer aside while Akshay asks Ranbeer to stop the ruckus.

Ranbeer takes the firestick and burns the gathbandhan leaving everyone shocked.

Akshay fires up on Ranbeer for burning the auspicious gathbandhan and Ashok pushes Ranbeer again asking him to leave.

Further, Ranbeer takes the pious water in the vessel and splashes it in the holy fire.

Ranbeer tells everyone that he will not let Prachi marry Akshay under any circumstances.

Akshay gets shocked when Ranbeer announces that he is none other than Prachi’s husband.

Dadi calls out Ranbeer for his behaviour and he reminds Dadi of her responsibilities.

Ranbeer tells everyone that he has realised to take hold of his relationships asking Akshay to not intervene in his personal matters.

He firmly tells Akshay that their daughter Khushi demands them together as a family.

However, Akshay tells Ranbeer that the bygones are the bygones and Khushi needs parents who are in love and respect each other.

Akshay tells Ranbeer that he can provide Khushi with a better home than Prachi and tells him that the marriage will surely take place.

Ranbeer tells Akshay that he has one more reason to marry Prachi and Prachi walks to him and asks him the reason.

Just then, Ranbeer confesses his love to Prachi with love beaming in his eyes and Prachi’s eyes well up hearing his heartfelt confession.

Their beautiful loved fill memories take over them as they strike eye contact.

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