Kumkum Bhagya 4th March 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 4th March 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 4th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Kumkum written update

Today's Kumkum Bhagya 4th March 2023 episode starts with Prachi being taken by a police constable to meet the man who detained Akshay in a case of gold smuggling.

Prachi is horrified to learn that the man who turned Akshay in is Ranbeer Kohli. 

She is horrified to learn that the man who turned Akshay in is Ranbeer Kohli.   claims that Ranbeer is attempting to meddle in Prachi's professional life so that she remains involved in all of these things.

Prachi thinks to herself that Ranbeer wants to keep her occupied so that she won't be able to adopt Khushi.

Ranbeer is astonished as she encounters Prachi and wonders why she is in this place.

Prachi informs him that she is here to free Akshay, who Ranbeer has imprisoned.

He then claims Prachi is a smuggler as well, explaining why she has big cars and lots of money.

Ranbeer begins to explain what happened there, claiming to be a true Indian citizen who has performed a selfless act for the country.

Prachi cuts him off and tells him that Akshay is not a gold smuggler, but rather the son of Prachi's boss, Mr. Ashok Tandon.

She requests that Ranbeer return his charged file and release Prachi from the tension.

Ranbeer realizes he made a mistake by failing to identify the actual smuggler and requests that the cop withdraw his report.

Akshay is taken aback when he sees Ranbeer signing the sheet to take Akshay out of the jail.

Akshay remarks to Ranbeer that it is shocking that the man who put him behind bars is also taking him out of it, to which Ranbeer responds that he is a man of true ethics and follows what is correct.

He then tells Ranbeer that he wants to repay the favour and welcomes him to call him at any time if he needs help down the road.

As Akshay and Prachi leave, they notice Ranbeer is having trouble starting his car & Akshay offers Ranbeer a lift, which he initially declines but later accepts.

Ranbeer informs Akshay that he wishes to drive the car, to which Akshay agrees but requests Prachi's permission because it is her vehicle.

Prachi hands over the keys to Ranbeer, and as they three sit inside the car, Prachi keeps thinking about how Ranbeer was her first love, husband, everything, but now everything has changed so much that they can't recognize each other.

Ranbeer drops Prachi off at her house, to which Prachi asks how he knew her address.

Ranbeer claims Prachi informed him earlier that they were about to leave the Police station.

When Akshay notices them arguing, he intervenes and tells Ranbeer that he doesn't like how Ranbeer is treating Prachi.

Ranbeer apologizes and defends himself by saying that he's not sorry for Akshay, but for saying things he didn't mean.

Prachi forgives Ranbeer and exits the car, but her veil becomes entangled in the car's side.

When Akshay notices Prachi's veil is stuck, he rushes out to lend a hand to her.

While Akshay is attempting to free the stuck veil, Ranbeer becomes jealous of Akshay's efforts on behalf of Prachi, and when the veil is freed, Ranbeer raps it against Prachi's body.

As Prachi walks into her house, Shahana asks for her car keys because she needs to get milk from the store.

Prachi tells Shahana and Dadi that her car isn't with her and what happened the entire time.

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