Kumkum Bhagya 5th April 2024 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 5th April 2024 Written Update

Today's Kumkum Bhagya episode starts with Trishna telling Prachi that she fears KK do not want to marry her.

She tells Prachi that today she saw hesitation in KK's eyes and she wouldn't be able to cope if he went back on his word as they have progressed so much to decide to get married.

Meanwhile, Prachi tries to console a stressed-out Tashu and promises to have a word with KK.

On the other hand, Dipika is asked by her Chachi to be calm until Harleen comes there and gives them glaring eyes.

On the terrace, Monisha has held RV with her and asks him why he dared to kiss Purvi on her forehead.

She also accuses him of having fallen in love with Poorvi which triggers RV and he asks Monisha to shut up or mind her words.

Taking steps toward her, RV lets her know that this only proves that Monisha doesn't know him at all.

Further, he tells Monisha that he doesn't need her or anyone beside him as his revenge matters the most to him and he will carry it out at any cost.

Bearing the brunt of the heated words spoken by RV, Monisha feels upset and hugs a moving RV from behind.

In the party, Harleen asks both Dipika and Chachi how dare they act childish as she expects maturity out of them.

After Harleen leaves, Chachi says that Harleen is still scary than ever to her while Dipika says that she can't say anything against Harleen or else, the whole house will go against them.

Again at the terrace, Poorvi catches RV kissing Monisha's forehead and goes from there.

In his room, Ranbeer sees his alter ego who asks him if he is still in love with Prachi.

Ranbir gets angry and says yes as he loved Prachi a lot but today, she might be very happily married to someone else, totally forgetting him.

However, his alter ego questions him as to why didn't he try to trace her after coming back from the US to which Ranbir says that he can't bear to see Prachi with someone else and that it is his yearning for her and that he cannot come to marry Tashu.

Just then, the lights go off while Prachi comes to KK's room to ease his nerves and they cannot see each other.

She tells him to be calm as everything will go in place while Ranbeer says that he doesn't want any misunderstanding to come in between their relationship.

On the other hand, Dada and Dadi catch RV and ask him where he is.

Further, Dadi asks RV to not roam with Monisha as Monisha comes there.

Just then, Poorvi seems to pass by from there while RV is forced to act caring towards Poorvi which confuses her while Monisha gets jealous and enraged.

A while later, Monisha insults Poorvi's family's ability to carry out an event to Vishaka who feels so enraged by her attitude that she promises to complain about her to Harleen.

Just when the lights come back, it is revealed that Prachi is talking to someone else while Ranbeer is talking to Tashu in the same room.

They both reconcile as Tashu laughs and tells KK that she is getting older by the second and cannot wait to marry her.

Sitting together, Dadi tells Dada that it seems they have to send Poorvi and RV for the second time on their honeymoon.

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