Kumkum Bhagya 5th February 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 5th February 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 5th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Kumkum written update

Today's Kumkum Bhagya 5th February 2023 episode starts with Prachi telling Kaya about Shahana being over-possessive about her as she does not believe in sharing.

Kaya nods her head and agrees to Shahana's statement which leaves Prachi with an exclamation mark.

Meanwhile, Pallavi approaches Damini and Aryan to ask them if Damini is doing fine.

Damini tells her not to worry as her eye pain is better now.

Aryan's marriage gets fixed

Pallavi also questions both of them if all of their misunderstandings are cleared while Aryan smiles and says to her a "YES" as both of them have decided to marry each other.

On hearing this, Pallavi gets excited and begins to celebrate the decision with the other family members.

Meanwhile, when Pallavi leaves, Aryan provokes Damini by saying "Game on, babes".

On the other hand, while Kaya and Prachi go out for a walk, Prachi suddenly sees a wedding decoration in the hall which reminds her of her cute little moments spent with Ranbir.

Prachi gets completely lost in the flashback while Kaya taps on her shoulder to get her back to reality.

On the way, Prachi accidentally crashes with Lali due to the basket of flowers that Lali was carrying falls down.

Prachi apologizes to Lali about it and begins to collect the fallen flowers.

However, Kaya stops Prachi and offers Lali a note of Rs 2000 who greedily snatches the note and tells Kaya that this is what a real rich looks like.

Kaya asks Prachi to learn a lesson that the world is all about power and money, however, Prachi opposes her by saying that it is not true.

Meanwhile, Prachi helps Minty by helping her holding the basket full of flowers.

On the other hand, Ranbir notices some guys (terrorists) and finds them to look odd but his mind gets diverted when he sees the doctor.

The terrorists fire up!

Now, the boss of the terrorist group calls one of the terrorists and asks him to attack the hotel right now and the hotel gets surrounded by the terrorists and the gunshots begin.

Everyone starts to escape the hotel while Ranbir and Prachi analyze the situation by asking themselves what is happening.

The doctor tells Ranbir that he has heard a gunshot to which Ranbir agrees.

Ranbir asks the doctor to be safe in room no. 305 where he will meet Kaya so that he can check her up.

Back in the Kohli house, Damini and Ranbir's family congratulate each other on fixing their children's wedding.

Meanwhile, Aryan teases Damini by telling her that this is what she did to him and it's just a start so he asks her to chill and see the family members smiling.

Damini's mom tells Ranbir's family that since the alliance is already fixed, so she will approach the priest for fixing the wedding date.

Aryan gets little a nervous on hearing this, however, he does not react much and agrees to Damini's mom.

At the same point, Aryan thinks that he is in big trouble, so to overcome the stress, he calls Ranbir.

Since Ranbir is already trapped in the hotel, he declines the call and hides behind the cupboard.

He sees the doctor standing in front of him and makes him hide too.

Kaya's doctor is nervous and terrified and asks Ranbir to let him go while Ranbir tells the doctor to calm down and get to room no. 305.

While both of them are heading towards the room, Ranbir suddenly remembers Khushi sitting on the couch alone.

Ranbir asks the doctor to go to the room while he decides to save Khushi.

On the other hand, Prachi asks Minty and Lali to hide as it's the terrorists attack and both Ranbir and Prachi are on the same path but facing opposite to each other.

Ranbir saves Khushi

The bomb blasts in the hotel lobby and Ranbir again gets hit by the thought to save Khushi.

He runs from there while Kaya hides in the cafe after hearing the gunshot.

Meanwhile, Khushi screams that she wants her mom back while Ranbir rushes toward her and saves her.

Khushi is fearful as Lali would scold her for escaping from the couch while Ranbir handles her by telling her that he will talk to Lali as for now, they need to escape.

Ranbir holds Khushi in his arms and runs way but Khushi screams mistakenly and one of the terrorists hears her scream.

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