Kumkum Bhagya 5th February 2024 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 5th February 2024 Written Update

Today's Kumkum Bhagya 5th February 2024 episodes start with Rajvansh telling Khushi that then she called Armaan and told him that Rajvansh is molesting her and forcing himself on her.

Further, Rajvansh questions her if she didn't know what kind of guy he was.

He adds, that he used to stop her from even hugging him before marriage but she framed him for a false case, and then she didn't come to marry him but the police arrived.

A flashback is shown, where Rajvansh is sitting near the holy fire waiting for Khushi, while Harleen asks him where is Khushi.

After that, Rajvansh says she must be on the way when the police come there and inquire for Rajvansh.

The police reveal that they are here to arrest Rajvansh as he is trying to force Khushi and has tried to molest her.

Meanwhile, Rajvansh and his family are shocked to know this and Rajvansh tries to reconfirm by asking if they are misunderstanding him to be someone else.

However, the police confirm they are only there to arrest Rajvansh, while Rajvansh's family members try to convince the inspector that he has a misunderstanding, but the inspector clarifies that Rajvansh is in groom attire, and that proves the sincerity of the case.

After that, Rajvansh is arrested, while he keeps trying to convince the police that he is marrying Khushi with her consent but it all goes in vain.

In the meantime, Rajvansh notices Khushi and requests her to admit the truth but she stays silent behind.

Back to reality, Rajvansh says he got arrested for a false accusation, the girl he loved the most cheated him for Armaan just because he was a rich man.

He adds, that Khushi's life gets sorted as Armaan made her a model in his company, and even married her, but does she have any idea of how hard it was for him and his family?

Meanwhile, Khushi says, being guilty, that she can't listen more and tries to escape from there while Rajvansh tries to stop her.

On the other hand, the inspector brings Satendra to the police station and makes him confess to Khushi's location.

After that, the police go to search for Khushi, while Khushi's family stays back.

There, Rajvansh stops Khushi saying he tolerated that much but can't she even listen to it?

Further, he says that he was in jail and his family also suffered due to his love, now he'll take revenge on Khushi by making Purvi suffer.

Just then, Rajvansh gets Purvi's call and he mocks Khushi saying Purvi is calling him and maybe she is missing him as it was their first night.

Meanwhile, Khushi asks Rajvansh to not trouble Purvi as she is innocent and doesn't know anything about it.

After that, Rajvansh says he can do whatever he wants with Purvi as he is her husband, while Khushi says he can't because he doesn't have feelings for her.

Further, Rajvansh says he had feelings for only Khushi which made his family suffer, he states Khushi is worried for her sister but what about his sister?

Then, he reveals how Nupur's alliance got broken due to his arrest, Harman got a heart attack due to shock, while Harleen also got insulted by the society.

End of Kumkum Bhagya today's episode written update. To download Kumkum Bhagya Hindi Serial all episodes or watch today's full episode (5 February 2024) online, go to zee5.com

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