Kumkum Bhagya 5th July 2024 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 5th July 2024 Written Update

Today's Kumkum Bhagya episode starts with Rajvansh getting ready while Purvi coming out of the bathroom getting ready and Rajvansh is mesmerized seeing her after which Purvi dries her hair in front of dressing table.

Meanwhile, Rajvansh sees this and says that Purvi is showing her style deliberately after which Purvi says she isn't doing it but Rajvansh says she is acting like filmy heroines and then mimics her actions of drying hairs to tease her.

After that, Rajvansh and Purvi laugh after which Purvi says that they are getting late for the veneration thus she should go otherwise, Harleen will be upset then leaves asking Rajvansh to come downstairs as well.

There, Harleen worries about the arrangements just then Purvi comes so Harleen asks her to sit in the veneration just then Monisha comes there with the veneration stuff plate and Harleen asks her to give it to Pandit Ji but Monisha drops it mistakenly.

This makes Harleen angry that why Monisha does work if she can't do it properly after which Monisha asks her that why she is talking to her like that she isn't the servant while Harleen says that she doesn't mean to say Monisha servant but she should be extra careful with the veneration stuff.

Further, Deepika sides with Monisha saying she values the traditions and does things with perfection it just happens mistakenly after which Harleen asks her to prepare the offering while Purvi says she'll make it then she goes to the kitchen.

After that, Monisha also goes after her while Rajvansh comes downstairs when Harleen calls him who was seeing the happenings after which he asks her why she is worried and Harleen tells him that she is worried due to continuous problems that are coming to him thus she wants everyone support until the veneration.

Later, Pandit Ji asks for Purvi's horoscope as well with Rajvansh which makes Deepika question him why he needs that when the veneration is for Rajvansh then Pandit Ji says that after the wedding husband and wife's horoscopes affect each other after which Harleen says she has Purvi's horoscope and goes to get it.

In the kitchen, Purvi is making the offerings when Monisha comes there and they banter while Monisha also tries to ruin Purvi's offerings but she stops her which irritates her.

Further, Monisha says to Deepika that she'll go back to her home as everyone is making her feel outsider in the house but Deepika stops her.

There, Pandit Ji says that Rajvansh and Purvi are perfect couple where Purvi is a saviour for Rajvansh while Monisha cuts him in the middle saying it's wrong as Rajvansh usually gets into the problems due to Purvi only.

After that, Harleen says Monisha is right but that's also true that Purvi saved Rajvansh from the bullet yesterday thus she wants to know who's horoscope has affect on others and Pandit Ji to check again after which he checks again.

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