Kumkum Bhagya 6th April 2024 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 6th April 2024 Written Update

Today's Kumkum Bhagya episode starts with Jaswant talking on the call as he collides with Vaishali and goes ahead saying sorry while she says that he doesn't care about her.

He says what she is talking about as he says that he always sees her and she tests his love. She gets disappointed and leaves.

Meanwhile, Vishakha comes and asks Deepika if Monisha has always been like this or if has she gone crazy which infuriates her.

She asks Deepika to teach her manners and etiquette to her and leaves.

She goes to talk to Dadi but Deepika asks her not to get involved in such things and Vaishali asks them what is the matter while Monisha says that there is no point telling her as she always says that she is wrong and leaves.

Vaishali asks her what is wrong with her but Deepika has no answer.

On the other hand, Harman, Vikrant, and Jaswant sit together while Harman tells Vikrant that Jaswant is worried while saying that he is very worried as he wonders how a person this innocent can become a bully who always scared him.

They ask him who he is talking about and he says that it is Vaishali he is talking about. Harman says that he is not afraid of Harleen and they never fight as she is right almost every time there is very little time when he is right.

Listening to this, Yug advises RV to learn a lesson from his parents which makes him angry and he leaves while Vikrant asks him not to say such this to RV as his marriage is different. 

Later, RV looks at Khushi when Poorvi comes to him and he asks her to maintain some distance.

This makes Poorvi ask him why he stays close to her in front of Dadi and Dadu and adds that he should not take their hopes high as one or other day they are going to get separated while he says that why will they separate.

He further asks tauntingly if she saw him with Monisha which comes as a shock to her and she says that she is not at all jealous of Monisha and adds that she saw him with her and knows that he hugged her knowing Purvi was there.

Just then, Armaan comes there and asks them what they are talking about when RV tells him that Purvi is just getting a little insecure that he is unable to give her time.

Armaan says that it happens in the initial phase of marriage but it is the best part of a marriage. RV listens to this and asks him if it happened with them too, to which he says that they both were very mature about it and RV adds that he will leave everything for Purvi as he loves her a lot and holds her closely.

Monisha sees this and gets angry. He goes away and Poorvi follows him, asking him why he was pretending this much in front of others while he explains that he was being so romantic so that Dadi and Dadu do not plan another honeymoon for them and go away.

Meanwhile, Harleen scolds Monisha and others for disappearing from the party while Dadi and Dadu enjoy it.

Concurrently, Amar discusses with his men that he doubts if KK and Tashu are husband and wife.

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