Kumkum Bhagya 6th December 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 6th December 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 6th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Kumkum written update

Today's Kumkum Bhagya 6th December 2023 episode starts with Dadu saying he'll never lie about Samosa as he loves Samosa the most.

Bade Papa asks them who brought Samosa when Dadu says that even he wants to know it.

Dadu acts as if he is going to call a car dealer to buy a new car for Yug making, Yug spill that Bade Papa brought Samosa.

Bade Papa tries to deny it to be saved from Harleen's anger and asks Rajvansh to take his side.

Rajvansh attempts to side with Bade Papa but Dadu mentions Purvi, making Rajvansh oppose him.

Harleen goes from there being angry with Bade Papa while Bade Papa follows her, cursing them for not taking his side.

Dadu says he'll enjoy the samosa alone now in his room while Yug asks for a car leading Dadu to ignore him.

Meanwhile, Rajvansh asks him not to mention Purvi again but Dadu says he'll do it, making Rajvansh irked.

Further, he gets a call from Robert and Pattrick's manager for a deal meeting in a 5-star hotel, which makes him and Yug excited.

Elsewhere, Ashutosh, Purvi, and Diya come to the market when Diya asks Purvi if she is sure to go with Ashutosh.

Meanwhile, Ashutosh tries to start the bike but is unable to do it leading him to curse Rajvansh for giving him an expensive bike with no features while Diya mocks him thus, falling into a fight with him.

Purvi calms them down when Ashutosh continues to struggle with the bike.

Just then, Diya starts it with a button shocking him while Ashutosh tries to cover up his embarrassment by taking Purvi from there on the bike

Diya prays to god to cancel Purvi and Ashutosh's engagement.

Meanwhile, Ashutosh and Purvi came to a 5-star hotel to book a room for 25 December.

Ashutosh goes to click photos of the hotel after Purvi sees Rajvansh there, remembering her dream, and gets mesmerized.

Rajvansh also sees her and gets shocked while Purvi wonders how Rajvansh is wearing the same clothes as her dream.

She also remembers Diya saying, Rajvansh is good for her when he comes to her, asking why she is looking at him.

Purvi mentions his clothes, making Rajvansh ask what about his clothes.

In the meantime, Ashutosh spots them together and takes Purvi from there being jealous.

Elsewhere, KK AKA Ranbeer comes to Pattrick's meeting and thinks Rajvansh is not there as he would have been happy seeing his losing face.

Just then, Rajvansh comes there and KK taunts him about the same.

He also says that he has good businessman potential but only can be successful if he gets a guide like him.

Rajvansh says he also doesn't have a risk-taking ability like him while Pattrick's manager reveals that they want them to handle the project together but both Rajvansh & KK oppose.

Harleen calls Rajvansh, asking him to come home to solve her and Bade Papa's argument when Rajvansh decides to leave the meeting saying, nothing is more important than family.

KK likes the quality of Rajvansh while this makes Ranbeer think of RV as a good guy.

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