Kumkum Bhagya 6th May 2024 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 6th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Kumkum Bhagya episode starts with Purvi entering the room and seeing RV folding the bedsheet.

RV asks her what she is seeing and she says it’s nothing while he says that she is very lucky that she is getting to sleep on his bed.

This makes Purvi say that she indeed is lucky as the bed is really comfortable and thus she wants him to sleep comfortably when RV asks if her intentions are good.

Purvi says that she just wants him to sleep on the bed since he has cracked this deal while he gives the credit to her for cooking such tasty food but Purvi says that it is all his hard work.

Later, he insists on sleeping on the couch and Purvi sleeps on the bed and thinks that she will have to prove herself and Prachi innocent.

The next day, Purvi cooks in the kitchen while Monisha thinks about Deepika telling her about RV’s and Purvi’s talk as she enters the kitchen.

They both get into an argument while Monisha keeps taunting her about her level being very low as Purvi says that levels are judged by someone’s talks and the kind of words she uses are very bad. 

This makes Monisha mad as she leaves while Purvi thinks that Monisha makes her extremely mad and when she sees her, she speaks whatever comes to her mind. 

Meanwhile, Manpreet goes somewhere and tells Prachi that she will meet Purvi on the way.

Manpreet talks to Prachi saying that she is thinking of telling Purvi what is going on in the house and asks Diya for her opinion.

Diya says that they shouldn’t tell Purvi about anything as she has her own life there and it’s her new home so they shouldn’t bother her. 

She further adds that they are far more mature and know a lot more than she does so whatever they decide and Manpreet feels proud of her since her talks are very sensible. 

Prachi says that she cannot go empty hand and goes to bring sweets while Diya receives a call which worries her while Manpreets asks her who is it but she says that she has to go out. 

She asks Diya to tell Vishakha that she is coming in a minute as Diya leaves while Manpreet doubts what made Diya worry. 

On the other hand, Purvi offers tea to RV when Monisha comes and takes it from his hands and asks him why is he doing this.

She asks him why is he having tea when he likes coffee while Monish tells Purvi that her middle-class actions will not impress RV as she asks Monish what is her problem.

She says that Purvi doesn’t exist for her and adds that she should not dream about something she will never get.

Purvi says that one gets whatever is written in his destiny and she doesn’t want to indulge in an argument.

In the meantime, Prachi asks Manpreet what is wrong while she tells her about Diya being worried while Harleen asks Purvi if she remembers to prove herself innocent when Manpreet and Vishakha come. 

They talk about Purvi being a very good girl as she takes care of everyone while Vishakha sees Monisha and follows her to her room.

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