Kumkum Bhagya 6th November 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 6th November 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 6th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Kumkum written update

Today's Kumkum Bhagya 6th November 2023 episode starts with Mihika and Akshay watching in agony as Pandit Ji pronounces Ranbir and Prachi husband and wife. 

Everyone except Mihika and Akshay claps and laughs at the happy reunion. 

Prachi's Departure To Kohli's House

Prachi and Ranbir take everyone’s blessings while Pallavi tells Manpreet that now Prachi become theirs.

Ranbir assures Manpreet that he will take good care of Prachi while Vikram excitedly tells Khushi that she will be going with them to their house. 

However, Mihika becomes anxious and tells everyone that she cannot live without Khushi and begs Pallavi to let her stay with Khushi one more night. 

Pallavi happily agrees and tells the Tandons to let Mihika come with them.

Later, Vishakha brings things for Prachi’s departure and Manveer sends Prachi with Ranbir with a heavy heart. 

Seeing Prachi, Ashok and Manpreet cry while Ranbir tells them that nothing will change between them and Prachi will always be their daughter.

Later, Prachi comes to Kohli's house where Khushi records their Grah Pravesh on the phone. 

Just then, Mihika comes and stands behind Ranbir and Prachi while they enter the house hand in hand. 

Mihika also walks the same path with Kumkum-laden feet while others are busy giving blessings to the newlyweds. 

Ranbir Worries About Vikram

In the meantime, Pallavi gets worried seeing the footprints saying it is inauspicious. 

However, Vikram tells her that these are modern times and there is nothing inauspicious nowadays. 

As he goes to get the gifts for the couple, Mihika feels frustrated as Vikram should have started feeling the pain as if he is having a stroke. 

Just then, Vikram begins to feel the pain when Pallavi and others come rushing to them. 

Ranbir asks to call the doctor while Vikram tells him that there is no need and he has been feeling this way for a few days.  

Pallavi tells Vikram to tell the children now while Vikram tells her to tell them tomorrow. 

However, Ranbir and Prachi insist on knowing just now and are shocked to hear that Vikram is unwell and going to London the next day for treatment. 

Ranbir tells Vikram that he should have told him and he will also come with him.

Meanwhile, Vikram tells him that there is no need as he will have the team of doctors with them and he needs to look after the business as well or else he will be worrying about that. 

Pallavi and Daljeet also tell Prachi and Ranbir that this is their time to enjoy and be together and they will not hear anything about it. 

Mihika Uses Khushi To Interupt PraNbir Wedding Night

After a while, Prachi admires her beautifully decorated room and tears slip from her eyes while Ranbir gets worried, asking her if she does not like the decoration. 

However, Prachi tells her that it all feels like a dream because she always wanted all this but there were so many hurdles every time.

Ranbir quietens her, with a finger on her lip, saying that there will not be any more hurdles and that is a promise. 

Meanwhile, Mihika tells Khushi that she should go and sleep with Prachi and Ranbir otherwise they will think that she does not love them and will leave her in a hostel. 

Khushi gets worried and rushes to their room followed by Mihika who tells them that Khushi insists on sleeping with them. 

Ranbir and Prachi feel slightly embarrassed but tell Mihika that she does not need to explain as they want Khushi to be with them. 

Mihika's Plan Continues

Later, Mihika calls Akshay telling him that if he does not want to hear about Prachi’s pregnancy after a month or so then, he will have to help her separate Prachi from Ranbir. 

Akshay is going, mad thinking about Prachi and Ranbir and agrees to do whatever she wants.

Mihika tells Akshay to follow Ranbir and Prachi’s car to their honeymoon destination and the rest she will tell him later. 

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