Kumkum Bhagya 7th April 2024 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 7th April 2024 Written Update

Today's Kumkum Bhagya episode starts with the bride and groom coming downstairs, shocking Amar as they sit at the mandap.

The priest starts the wedding rituals and they both make each other wear the flower garland.

Everyone claps for them while Purvi goes somewhere and RV follows her asking if she feels bad, to which she asks what she would be sad about.

He asks if she is sad that everyone thinks they are very close.

Purvi asks him to maintain some distance to which he says he doesn’t have any problem with it but Dadi might have.

She asks him not to trouble her and goes away.

Meanwhile, Monisha recalls how RV was getting close to Purvi which infuriates her while Vaishali asks her to come to where the function is happening.

She then goes to RV, asking him what he was doing, to which he says that he is clueless about what she is saying.

She reminds him how he was standing very close to Purvi which makes him say that it was all to show Khushi and he loved the way she got angry seeing them close.

Monisha says that it is good that he is satisfied to see Khushi jealous but what about her as she feels bad to see them so close?

He asks her if she doubts him cheating on her when she hugs him saying she is afraid to lose him.

He pushes her away, asking her to answer his question as she says that she loves him and trusts him but she doesn’t trust Purvi when RV asks her to make it clear if she wants to support him in what he is doing or not.

On the other hand, Amar gets angry saying this marriage can’t happen, and adds that the time has come to execute the plan when one of his men suggests he make the bride run away showing the gun but he refuses this is as it will not come out to everyone as he want it to.

In the meantime, RV meets Khushi who asks him to stay away from Purvi when he says that he loves the way she is getting jealous and annoyed, just when, Armaan comes there, asking what they are talking about.

They tell him that they are talking about marriages when Khushi says it’s very tough to be in a marriage.

Armaan asks him to give some advice to Khushi but he leaves.

Concurrently, Deepika comes to Monisha asking her why she is so worried when she tells her that RV is behaving weirdly and she is very sure that Purvi is trying to trap him as Deepika assures her that there is nothing like she thinks and RV only loves her.

Monisha pledges to make a fool out of Purvi in front of everyone.

Subsequently, KK recalls his marriage with Prachi when Diya overhears Armaan saying that the marriage feels lifeless.

She takes Khushi aside and asks her to do something exciting and energetic to bring life to the party when Harleen comes offering help, sarcastically saying that now, she too is associated with the family.

Right then, Monisha sees Purvi coming and makes her fall in front of everyone.

She gets happy and Harleen sees them smiling and calls them aside.

In the meantime, Diya and Khushi take Purvi inside while Harleen scolds Monisha and Deepika for creating a mess.

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