Kumkum Bhagya 7th December 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 7th December 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 7th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Kumkum written update

Today's Kumkum Bhagya 7th December 2023 episode starts with Poorvi asking Ashutosh what just happened while Ashutosh tells her that he went to show her the rooms not because he is not insecure with RV. 

After a while, Ashotosh comes to the reception to book one room for guests to get ready and that he will also need a banquet hall, the smallest one. 

Poorvi sees Ranbir and goes to meet him who complains to her for not inviting him for his engagement. 

Poorvi apologises to him and Ranbir tells her to save her mobile and landline number so he can reach her. 

Just then, Ashutosh comes to Poorvi, ranting about the reception and management while Poorvi introduces him to Ranbir. 

However, Ashutosh ignores her and continues to rant while Ranbir tells him to go and talk. 

He stops Poorvi following him and tells him that he is not a good choice for her.

Poorvi tells him that he misunderstands Ashutosh as he is very good at heart. 

Ranbir is not convinced and tells her that at his age, they can find out about the person in one gaze so she should listen to him and break off her engagement. 

However, Poorvi tells him that once he knows him he will realise that Ashutosh is nice person. 

Seeing Poorvi leave, Ranbir decides to talk to Poorvi’s mother and tell her that Ashutosh is not the right choice for Purvi.

Meanwhile, Vishakha briefs Prachi about her shopping list as she is leaving for the market when Ranbir calls at the landline while Vishakha tells Divya to pick up the phone. 

Ranbir tells Divya that he needs to talk to Poorvi’s mother regarding Ashutosh and Poorvi’s marriage. 

Prachi takes the call but Ranbir goes silent recognizing Prachi’s voice but Vishakha snatches the phone from Prachi.

Ranbir comes out of the trance after hearing Vishakha’s voice and tells her that he does not think Ashotosh is not the right man for Poorvi.

However, Vishakha tells him that Poorvi is their daughter and they will wed her wherever they would like. 

On being asked who is on the phone, Vishakha thinks that it must be a jealous relative or neighbour who cannot see Poorvi getting married to a nice boy like Ashutosh. 

Elsewhere, RV’s grandmother stops his grandfather and others and complains about him because he whistles at her and teases her. 

Everyone begins to laugh at her complaint while RV’s sister-in-law tells her that she is lucky to have a romantic husband like him. 

Elsewhere, Prachi and Ashutosh’s mother is shopping in the market where she tells Prachi that she has invited some guests to dinner the next day.

She also tries to explain Ashutosh’s behaviour the previous night when he did nothing. 

Prachi remains quiet not wanting to agree with her but praises RV when she tries to call RV a goon. 

Prachi tells her that she is indebted to RV for saving her daughter’s life and if Poorvi’s father had been there then, he would have done the same. 

Just then, Ranbir’s driver stops the car at the same market telling him that this market has the most fresh vegetables. 

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