Kumkum Bhagya 7th June 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 7th June 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 7th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Kumkum written update

Today's Kumkum Bhagya 7th June 2023 episode starts with the goons wondering how to take away Ranbir as he is unconscious and they cannot take him on the bike.

Ranbir rotates his head while still being unconscious while the third goon comes there and suggests taking Ranbir in the truck.

They haul Ranbir's body into the back of the tempo and drive away.

On the other hand, Pandit ji hands Akshay and Prachi flowers as the marriage rituals progress.

Shahana tells Dadi that she will regret and Dadi takes her away as Shahana tells her that she will regret not stopping the marriage.

Dadi reminds her that she also wanted Prachi to marry Akshay while telling her that if she speaks up, Shahana will get upset.

Shahana probes and Dadi tells her that Prachi is very unfortunate and that she is trying to drag Prachi in the same mud that she had gone through by trying to reunite her with Ranbeer.

Hearing those words, Shahana sheds a few tears as Dadi tells her to wipe those away and takes her back to the wedding.

The Pandit tells Akshay's mother to do the Gathbandhan and Akshay's mother starts walking towards the Mandap.

However, Bua comes forward and says that she will do the Gathbandhan as she has raised Akshay and makes Ashok agree to it too.

Elsewhere, a lady is seen sitting down to calmly drink her coffee while she has a ticket in her hand.

She calls Akshay and addresses him as a brother asking him if the marriage has started.

He nods and she tells him that she'll be there soon while requesting him to show her Bhabhi's face.

Akshay turns the tablet towards Prachi and Nitra calls her beautiful while telling them that she'll reach home before marriage completes.

Back in the tempo, the goons try to call Aliya but the call doesn't go through while Ranbir regains consciousness and thinks that he has to get to Prachi's marriage to stop it at any cost.

In the marriage, the ingredients create a lot of smoke making Prachi sick and Akshay sends her to the room while telling the Pandit that they will continue to marriage after some time.

The goons stop the car to go and eat while they remove Ranbir's shoes and make a trap outside the door to shock him if he tries to escape.

Once the goons leave, Ranbir unties himself and opens the doors but sees the net and realizes that it is conducting current.

Meanwhile, Rhea continues sitting on the Mandap as she starts the rituals by herself by starting the holy fire.

Pallavi, Dida, and Vikram come there and get shocked to see her drama while Pallavi comforts her telling her that her sacrifice will not go to waste.

She promises Rhea that she will not leave her alone and states that no one from the family should accept Prachi as the daughter-in-law of the family.

She threatens to leave the house with Rhea if the family goes against her.

Elsewhere, Shahana tells Prachi that she had gone to Ranbeer's house and tells her that she thought Ranbir had come to her wedding.

Prachi reveals that she also felt Ranbir's presence and Shahana says that he would not have let the wedding happen if he was there.

Seeing Prachi cough again, Shahana goes to get water for Prachi while Prachi imagines Ranbir and gets emotional.

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