Kumkum Bhagya 7th March 2024 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 7th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Kumkum Bhagya 7th March 2024 episode starts with Monisha coming to Rajvansh and saying sorry for getting angry with him.

Meanwhile, he says it's ok and asks her to go from there, while Monisha says she wants to go from the house with Rajvansh as she is feeling suffocating in the house and especially can't tolerate Purvi.

Further, she talks about Dadu giving honeymoon tickets to Rajvansh and Purvi and asks him to tell the truth to Dadu, and asks him if he denied it, to which Rajvansh says he has agreed to it.

After that, Monisha gets angry and goes from there in the meantime, Prachi comes shopping with Diya where she meets with a girl when her phone drops.

Later, that girl asks the salesman to show her dupattas for her wedding while Prachi asks Diya to call Purvi to know her preferences.

However, when she calls Dadi, Yug picks it up instead of Dadi and they share a banter, while Dadi comes and scolds Yug for it.

Further, Dadi takes the phone to talk with Diya, and Diya tells her that Purvi isn't picking up her call which is why she called her, to which Dadi informs Diya that Purvi is packing up her stuff.

Meanwhile, Diya gets tense thinking if Purvi and Rajvansh fight again.

There, Rajvansh tries to stop Monisha while she talks angrily with him and leaves.

At the same time, Purvi is coming in that direction while Monisha turns and asks Rajvansh if he loves her, to which he says that Monisha knows the answer and she should trust him, while Monisha asks him to cancel his honeymoon.

Listening to this, Purvi leaves from there while Rajvansh says that he can't do that for Dadu's sake, to which Monisha leaves saying Rajvansh doesn't value her.

There, Purvi comes into her room and cries thinking if it wasn't related to Diya's happiness, she wouldn't have tolerated Rajvansh and Monisha.

On the other hand, Diya asks Dadi if Rajvansh and Purvi fought again, to which Dadi asks her when they fought first while Diya tells about Purvi's false shirt incident and Dadi takes it as a cute banter of husband and wife out of love.

Further, Dadi tells Diya that Rajvansh and Purvi are going on their honeymoon thus Purvi is packing for the same, which makes Diya excited.

After that, Dadi makes Purvi talk with Diya while Purvi talks with her hiding her sadness.

Later, Diya shares the news with Prachi while she prays to god to keep Purvi happy in the same way.

Further, that lady goes to check out after the shopping but the security system beeps, after which the shop's manager blames her for stealing in their shop and checks her bag where they find an extra Dupatta.

Meanwhile, that lady tries to defend herself but in vain as the manager calls the police.

There, Rajvansh and Purvi fight over Monisha while Prachi sides with that lady and asks to check the CCTV footage to know the truth.

On the other hand, Purvi calls Rajvansh wrong which triggers him while Purvi says his ex Monisha asking him to cancel his honeymoon with his wife, to which Rajvansh sides with Monisha saying she is right and Purvi is wrong.

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