Kumkum Bhagya 7th May 2024 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 7th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Kumkum Bhagya episode starts with Vishakha asking Monisha why she applies so much makeup after which Monisha stops for a second.

She turns around and goes near to Vishakha and asks her to mind her own business and increase the power of her spectacles.

Vishakha does not entertain her and says that she does not need to increase her power whereas Monisha needs to stop doing over makeup and she taunts Monisha for living in someone else's house for a longer time.

Monisha gets provoked and yells at her saying that she is living at her would-be in-law's place whereas Poorvi meets her aunt and other people.

Vishakha asks her why she said that she is living at her in-law's place after which Vishakha says that she does not want to tell her anything after that she thinks that if she tells the truth to her then she will face problems in the future.

Meanwhile, Vishakha argues with her and asks her how she dared to say that whereas Monisha prefers to stay silent and she does not say anything.

On the other hand, Sangram goes to Ashok's house and asks him to return his money after which Ashok's daughter asks him to give him some time but he misbehaves with her which provokes Ashok's anger.

Ashok argues with him after which Sangram manhandles Ashok whereas Poorvi and RV get involved in a cute little fight after which Poorvi is about to fall while RV protects her from falling.

RV romantically holds her while Monisha comes there and notices it after which she becomes angry and asks RV what is going on then RV leaves Poorvi but Monisha feels bad and she goes from there.

Then, Poorvi also goes from there while RV asks her to return the towel before leaving whereas Vishakha tells Manpreet that Monisha was claiming that she is living at her in-law's house and it is not good for Poorvi.

Manpreet asks her to not think negatively after which Poorvi comes there along with tea for them after which Vishakha asks Poorvi about Monisha and whether she pesters her or not.

Poorvi tells her that Monisha is very clever and she always misbehaves with her after which Vishakha tells Manpreet to believe in her and she says that Monisha is the person behind a mess that happened a few days ago related to catering.

Vishakha asks Poorvi to collect proof against Monsiha and prove herself innocent whereas Ashok feels helpless and says that she is not able to help his family and Prachi is fighting her battle alone.

After that, Prachi comes there and says that she didn't fight her battle on her own and says that she is getting love and support from everyone after that Ashok's daughter tells her that Sangram came there to ask for money.

On the other hand, Monsiha asks RV to stay away from her after which he tries to convince her whereas Vishakha motivates Poorvi to fight for her rights and find the person who is responsible for mixing chemicals and toxicants in the KK and Krishna's wedding food.

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