Kumkum Bhagya 8th April 2024 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 8th April 2024 Written Update

Today's Kumkum Bhagya episode starts with Harleen scolding Monisha and Deepika asks them to tell Vaishali not to do this as Prachi is their Mother in law and hampering her pride is equal to hampering their pride and leaves while Monisha says that she is worried about Purvi but not her.

She pledges to make fun of Purvi in front of everyone, to which Deepika says that she must not do anything as Harleen is already very angry.

Monisha says that Deepika might be scared of Harleen but she is not.

She asks Monisha to enjoy the wedding Meanwhile, Purvi and Diya go from the room when Khushi stops Purvi and asks if she is happy with her marriage which makes her ask why is she thinking like this as Khushi says that girls pretend that they are happy after marriage.

She says that she is very happy with her marriage, especially RV.

She further adds that RV is very nice and successful and he takes good care of her when Khushi says that if Purvi is happy then she is happy.

Meanwhile, RV overhears the conversation thinking he doesn’t want Khushi to think that Purvi is happy.

They go out when they meet him and he says that he is going to the washroom and asks Purvi if she is fine.

This makes Purvi say that he is very caring about which he regrets later.

Concurrently, Monisha walks and thinks of a plan while Vaishali asks her to calm down while Prachi comes there asking her if she wants anything.

Monisha says that she is fine when Prachi says that she can tell her if she wants anything and leaves.

This makes Monisha regret what she is about to do to her food as she is very kind but says that there is no time for guilt.

Subsequently, Khushi thanks RV for not bothering Purvi while he says that she is lying about it all and adds that nothing has changed, and if she looks into it, she will get to know that Purvi is not fine. 

Just then, Purvi comes there asking what is up when RV says that Khushi loves her a lot.

On the other hand, the Priest asks for ghee while RV asks Monisha not to do what she did before again.

Meanwhile, Diya plays a song as RV and Purvi dance together which makes Monisha jealous.

RV keeps pulling her close which makes her uncomfortable when Khushi takes off the cable and stops the song while Monisha goes away.

In the meantime, Tashu recalls her conversation with KK about their getting married.

At the same time, Monisha takes medicine from the driver and asks him to forget everything.

Back in the hall, KK hears Prachi’s voice and wonders if she is here but doesn’t find her when she roses.

Amar orders his goon to make the bride run away when no one is around.

Tashu asks him to get fresh till the arrangements are going on when Prachi sees Tashu’s lehenga catching fire and she extinguishes it.

She then takes her to the room while RV sees Purvi struggling to lift a vase but she drops it.

Dadu scolds RV for not helping Purvi while Vikrants asks Deepika why Monisha is behaving weirdly.

Later, Armaan and RV talk to each other about Khushi not liking RV.

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