Kumkum Bhagya 8th July 2024 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 8th July 2024 Written Update

Today's Kumkum Bhagya episode starts with the doctor telling the family members that Monisha has told him which snake has bite Rajvansh after which Monisha clarifies herself saying she has seen the snake going outside also she has some knowledge about it thus she told that which snake it is.

After that, the doctor checks Rajvansh and says he is fine then asks if the snake has bite them both pointing at Purvi while Harleen says that the snake has bite Rajvansh but Purvi has suck all the venom from Rajvansh's body.

Then, she asks him to check Purvi and the doctor does the same and says Purvi is critical after which he says he'll give her anti-venom injection so she'll be fine.

Further, he gives the injection to Purvi and Rajvansh as well for safety and says that he is completely safe anyway as Purvi has suck all the venom.

Meanwhile, Diya asks the doctor if Purvi is safe then the doctor says he is safe as he has given the injection.

He adds, Purvi will gain consciousness in half an hour and the venom will go away but until they shouldn't give her water then the doctor and the priest praise say to Rajvansh that he is lucky to have Purvi.

Later, Rajvansh takes Purvi to the room with Yug and Diya after which he says how Purvi is so selfless as everyone saves their lives first but Purvi never thought about herself and even today she risked her life to save him.

Further, Yug says Purvi loves him for sure after which Rajvansh agrees then he sees that the venom is going away from Purvi's body.

There, Deepika complains to Vaishali that Rajvansh brought Purvi to their house for his revenge from Khushi then why she is still staying there after which Vaishali says that it's just upon Rajvansh as he wanted to keep Purvi.

After that, Deepika says that due to Rajvansh's decision the equations of their relationships are changing as Purvi was no one to them but suddenly she became great.

Meanwhile, Vaishali says there is a reason for it as Purvi has saved Rajvansh's life and she is doing every duty of a wife and daughter-in-law well.

Further, Deepika questions what about Monisha now if Rajvansh accepts Purvi as his wife as Monisha has always supported him after which Vaishali says that Rajvansh is capable that's why Monisha's dad chose him and Monisha has supported him but eventually Rajvansh has achieved everything on his own.

She adds, she won't listen anything against Rajvansh as he is like her son after which Harleen and Dadi talk about Purvi and praise her also Dadi regrets about her bad behaviour towards her.

Then, they say that it's good Purvi is there with Rajvansh as his sheild which is heard by Monisha and she feels anger while Purvi regains consciousness.

After that, she couldn't see anything initially which scares everyone but then she gets normal and asks for the water so Yug and Diya go to bring water.

Further, Purvi cares for Rajvansh and says that she was so scared when the snake bites him as even if something happens to him she won't be able to live.

There, Diya and Yug joke with each other while going back and Deepika tries to provoke Vaishali that Diya is trying to woo Yug but Vaishali says that she won't let Diya come to the house as her daughter-in-law.

She adds, the girls like Diya can only talk with Yug while Purvi says how the venomous snake came to their house as usually they lives in jungle and the snake charmer keeps them in control.

After that, she continues to worry while Rajvansh consoles her while Monisha feels jealous seeing it and goes from there after which they share a hug then Diya takes Yug outside again seeing them hugging.

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