Kumkum Bhagya 8th May 2024 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 8th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Kumkum Bhagya episode starts with Rajvansh going after Monisha and asking her to listen to him.

He asks her to not behave like kid while it's seen by Purvi, Manpreet, and Vishakha from Purvi's room.

There, Divya tries to calm Prachi down saying she shouldn't have done this while Prachi says that why Divya is stopping her when Sangram did such a bad behaviour with Ashok even hold his collar.

She adds, that she won't bear the insult of her parents just then the door bell rings and Prachi understands it would be Sangram.

Further, Prachi goes to open the door while Ashok says to Divya that she shouldn't have told Prachi about it so she wouldn't have been so angry while Divya says that if Prachi would have get to know it later she would have much angrier.

Meanwhile, Prachi meets Sangram at the door step and Sangram says that Prachi's scolding made him angrier thus he has come and says previously too he had come to meet her but got to meet Ashok instead of her.

After that, Prachi says that if he wants money then he should've called her, how dare he to misbehave with Ashok for that and she would call the police for that.

However, Sangram says that Prachi haven't seen his daring yet and says that he has come to oust them from the house so he can get the money selling the house.

Further, Prachi says that he can't do that as they have asked for the some more time while Sangram says he knows they don't have money to pay thus he can't wait and calls to throw Tandon's family catering stuff outside.

Meanwhile, Prachi and her family tries to stop him but in vain just then Trishna comes there and confronts Sangram for his wrong behaviour while he says that his payment is due by Tandon's family.

On the other hand, Monisha and Rajvansh fight over Rajvansh and Purvi's growing closeness while Rajvansh tries to calm Monisha down and asks her to behave which triggers Monisha more.

However, she sees Purvi and her family coming so changes the topic and leave while Rajvansh also leaves greeting them.

After that, Purvi decides to go home with Manpreet and Vishakha while Prachi reminds Sangram of a rule of their contract that he can't ask for money before 45 days and asks him to make their stuff placed in their house back.

Meanwhile, Sangram leaves warning them after which Krishna gives an idea to Trishna to help Prachi indirectly by giving her a work over the call.

Further, Trishna asks Prachi to organize Gajendra's political rallies by cooking up a story and says she'll also get the salary for it after which Purvi and the rest of the family convinces Prachi for it.

There, Rajvansh and Monisha fight in the office too which makes Rajvansh talks rudely with Yug too after which Yug gets upset from him.

On the other hand, Purvi doubts at Monisha for food poisioning case after seeing her ring in the CCTV footage and decides to find a proof against her.

She asks Manpreet and Vishakha to not tell Prachi about it until they find a proof.

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