Kumkum Bhagya 8th September 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 8th September 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 8th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Kumkum written update

Today's Kumkum Bhagya 8th September 2023 episode starts with Prachi chopping vegetables in the kitchen when suddenly she cuts her finger and Ranbeer spots her in pain.

Ranbeer can’t resist looking out for Prachi and immediately rushes to her while Prachi hesitantly avoids him and maintains some distance between them.

However, accidentally they collide when Ranbeer holds her hand and pulls her towards him.

Akshay spots Ranbeer and Prachi getting intimate 

Just then, Akshay heading somewhere, looks at them standing so close that they can hear each other heartbeats.

This triggers Akshay’s anger and he intervenes between them, holding Prachi’s hand harshly and dragging her to their room while Prachi keeps yelling to behave himself.

Akshay doesn’t even listen to her and throws her on the bed, locking her inside the room.

This grabs Vishakha's attention as she hears Prachi yelling from inside the room while Akshay clenches his fist and leaves there with pure fury in his eyes.

Everyone gathers around Akshay when Ranbeer also appears there, asking about Prachi to which Akshay lashes out at him.

Moreover, he gives a hypothetical situation to Ranbeer and asks him how he would feel if he entered his house reluctantly and bothered his wife.

Meanwhile, Manpreet yells at Akshay for talking rubbish but Akshay lashes out at everyone, revealing that he saw Ranbeer and Prachi together in the kitchen.

The Tandons apologise to Ranbeer

On the other hand, Mihika passes by Prachi’s room when she hears her banging on the door while Prachi informs her that Akshay locked her inside and she’ll not tolerate this.

In the living room, Ashok scolds Akshay for letting him down by accusing Prachi and Ranbeer of such ill things, forcing Akshay to prove himself that he’s not even drunk but fails to convince him.

However, Vishakha interferes, yelling at everyone for stretching the matter after which she drags Akshay with her and leaves the living room.

Ashok and Manpreet apologise to Ranbeer on behalf of Akshay for disrespecting him in their house.

Elsewhere, Vishakha scolds Akshay for his sudden extreme outburst and tells her about Mihika’s true feelings for Ranbeer, asking him to close his eyes for some time so that he doesn’t see any Ranbeer and Prachi moment.

This instigates Akshay, making him furious when he yells at Vishakha for always concluding Ranbeer’s actions right but Vishakha begs Akshay to wait until Mihika gets married to Ranbeer.

However, Akshay doesn’t get convinced even by Vishakha’s multiple efforts and returns to the living room, rebuking Ranbeer and telling him to get out of his house.

Ranbeer instigates Akshay

Meanwhile, Ranbeer goes to him and softly replies to the question of the hypothetical situation that Akshay gave him by saying that he would have never let Akshay’s presence near his wife.

Ranbeer mentions that he does the same in the kitchen too and that’s when Akshay’s anger gets triggered, he pushes Ranbeer by his collar while Ranbeer pushes him back too.

Feeling betrayed, Akshay rushes towards his room and brings a gun with him, pointing toward Ranbeer while everyone starts shouting and crying in order to stop Akshay from losing his senses.

Meanwhile, Ranbeer stays calm and asks Akshay to pull the trigger if he has the guts when just then, Prachi and Mihika appear there.

Mihika points the gun at Akshay

Mihika pushes Akshay away, making the gun fall on the floor and immediately picks up the gun, pointing towards Akshay for daring to kill Ranbeer.

Just then, Akshay gets anxious seeing the gun pointed towards him and that too by his own sister when he reveals that Ranbeer is Prachi’s ex-husband.

On the other hand, Pallavi and Dida reach the Tandon house with the shagun items while Dida questions Pallavi about the reason that she got convinced to let Ranbeer stay in the Tandon house despite knowing that Prachi is there.

Prachi yells at Akshay for behaving like a madman to which Ranbeer replies that she doesn’t need to give any clarification to Akshay.

 However, Akshay as usual lashes out at Ranbeer for staying in their house to live together with Prachi because he still has feelings for Prachi.

Mihika interferes, stopping Akshay from completing his sentence and states that Ranbeer still has respect for Prachi and there’s nothing wrong with this since they even have a child.

Just then, the house bell rings when the Tandon family spots Pallavi and Dida while Dida questions them if everything is fine.

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