Kumkum Bhagya 9th April 2024 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 9th April 2024 Written Update

Today's Kumkum Bhagya episode starts with Ashok asking the cook to add more almonds to the starters while Divya and Vishakha ask him to not make changes to the starter as it's Prachi and Purvi's specialty.

Further, they make fun of him so he goes from there getting irked while Divya goes after him to console him.

There, the cook goes to bring an ingredient while Vishakha goes to talk outside as she faces the network issue.

Just then, Monisha entered the kitchen and mixed something in the starters to ruin them.

On the other hand, Vaishali brings Trishna to the room to help her clean the dress while trying to instigate her about Prachi's family but Trishna sides and praises them.

She also praises Purvi mentioning the fire incident at an event, just then Prachi comes there, and Vaishali leaves while Prachi worries for Trishna but she calms her and thanks her.

Meanwhile, Prachi says she is like her sister only in the meantime, Purvi chides Rajvansh for not dancing properly and hurting her while he asks her to not behave to be sensitive, and they cutely argue.

There, Vaishali meets Monisha and tells her how Trishna praises Purvi mentioning some fire incident where Purvi saved people's lives there.

However, Monisha asks her to be calm as now people will die due to Purvi which shocks Vaishali when Harleen comes there and asks them to behave properly as Prachi is their relative and they have to behave in a good manner in society.

She also glares at Monisha who lies to her that she isn't plotting anything.

On the other hand, Dadu and Dadi cutely fight while Harman and Jaswant find them childish and talk about their parents' importance in life.

Further, Dadu asks Purvi to give him starters while Dadi asks her to bring starters after some time after which Monisha remembers mixing chemicals in food and thinks soon people will curse Purvi for that.

There, Amardayal's men enter the wedding to kidnap Trishna but Gajendra misunderstands them as guests after which Amardayal helps them to escape.

Meanwhile, Monisha and Rajvansh fight over how Monisha made Purvi fall out of insecurity, and Rajvansh asks why Monisha does not trust him and does cheap acts when she knows the truth.

After that, Monisha says Rajvansh's words and actions don't match and Rajvansh leaves getting irked.

On the other hand, Prachi worries for Trishna and she assures her after which Prachi talks about their connection and says that she'll bring an auspicious dupatta and thread to protect her from evil eyes and leaves asking Vaishali to be with Trishna.

There, Amardayal asks his men to call a professional kidnapper to abduct Trishna but his men assure him that they'll do it.

Further, Gajendra insults Amardayal for his illegal drug business and says he gets to know it through one of his guests who is in the narcotics department while Amardayal feels insulted.

On the other hand, Dadi gets a sprain and Purvi worries for her and gives her a massage to relieve her pain but it pains her so Harleen scolds Purvi.

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