Kumkum Bhagya 9th June 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 9th June 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 9th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Kumkum written update

Today's Kumkum Bhagya 9th June 2023 episode starts with Ranbeer seeing Prachi and calling her out while she turns back and feels as if she is still imagining Ranbeer’s presence over there and walks again.

However, Ranbeer feels dejected but thanks the almighty that Prachi is still unmarried.

Just then, Aliya walks toward Ranbeer and puts a handkerchief over him to make him unconscious.

Ranbeer falls and Aliya mutters to herself that she will not let Ranbeer and Prachi unite and screw Rhea’s life till the time she is alive.

Further, Aliya hears footsteps and pulls Ranbeer into a room while Ashok finds the handkerchief on the floor and walks away.

A furious Aliya slaps a fainted Ranbeer and tells him that he deserves much more pain than this.

She mumbles to herself that she will not let Ranbeer be left with any option than to accept Rhea in his life.

Aliya turns maniacal as she grabs a bedsheet and puts it over his unconscious body.

She warns him to not stop Prachi’s wedding with Akshay under any circumstances and ties his hands together with a rope.

Meanwhile, Panditji initiated the wedding rituals but Prachi still finds herself lost reminiscing about Ranbeer.

Akshay catches a lost Prachi and asks Panditji to stop his rituals for two minutes to let him talk to Prachi leaving the members shocked.

He asks Prachi to come along with him while Dadi asks Shahana if there’s any issue going on.

Vishaka tells Ashok that something is cooking behind them as she can say this with her experience.

Further, Vishaka turns furious and tells Mandeep to not cut her in-between ever.

In the meantime, Aliya applauds herself for executing the plan so well and apologizes to Ranbeer who is locked in the almirah.

Just then, Akshay gets Prachi in the same room and Aliya hides behind the sofas to save herself.

Akshay asks Prachi what she wants as she is completely lost in her world.

He tells Prachi that he is feeling guilty for putting her through this as she looks so nervous and anxious.

Prachi tells Akshay that she is marrying for Khushi’s sake and Akshay tells Prachi that he is completely fine with it:

Further, Prachi assures Akshay that she will marry him just as they decided while Aliya gets happy hearing Prachi.

Elsewhere, Ranbeer gets his senses back and hears Akshay asking Prachi to come along for the rituals.

Just then, Shahana sees Aliya in the mirror but walks out finding no one in the room.

At the mandap, Akshay assures everyone that everything is fine and they can complete the wedding rituals.

Vishaka tells Ashok that the couple looks beautiful together and will have adorable babies in the future and Prachi gets uncomfortable.

Further, Shahana catches a glimpse of Aliya in the hall and chases her behind.

On the other hand, Ranbeer successfully unties himself and gets out of the almirah.

Ranbeer mutters to himself that he will not stop the wedding because he does not care anymore.

Just then, his inner consciousness haunts him making him realise Prachi’s importance in his life at different instances in his life.

His inner consciousness tells him to stop the wedding if he still feels he cannot live without Prachi before it's too late.

Further, his ears echo as the conscious tells him that he will be left alone once Prachi gets married to Akshay.

Ranbeer gets agitated and decides to stop the wedding because he still wants Prachi to be with him.

However, he stops in between and gets into a dilemma about Prachi’s wants in life.

Ranbeer decides to do something so that he can have Prachi with him for a moment to talk and gets a dramatic beard to avert getting caught about his identity.

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