Kundali Bhagya 10th June 2024 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 10th June 2024 Written Update

Today's Kundali Bhagya episode starts with Rakhi saying that Anshuman has made their life hell and he blackmails them always while Dadi curses him that he won't stay happy ever.

After that, Anshuman says that if they have proof of what they said while he has the proof that Luthra's family tried bribe him showing the pendrive.

Further, he says that whatever they say but now they are the business partners in lawfully so if Karan wants to end it he has to file a case against him while Palki says that the deal papers are torn thus there is no deal applicable now after which Anshuman started laughing.

He says that do they see his lawyer Shubh here then he reveals that the real papers are with Shubh after which he calls Shubh to prove Luthra's family his claim and asks Shubh whether the deal papers are with him.

Meanwhile, Shubu agrees and says he has come to register them after which Anshuman cuts the call and says that now he is the business partner of Luthra's industry for 99%.

He adds, from now on his orders will be followed and asks the family to leave the house while they remember their moments in house and refuse to leave after which Anshuman sends the media away.

After that, he says that they have to obey him otherwise, he'll oust them after which he says to Palki that he finds only Palki and Preeta sensible and if Preeta would have there he wouldn't have done this much insult of them.

Just then, Rajveer says that even if the house comes under Luthra's industry no family member will leave it while Anshuman asks Rajveer to not support Luthra's family anymore as they are on roads and offers him 40% partnership with him.

Meanwhile, Rajveer asks Anshuman to leave them otherwise he'll destroy him entering the business industry and Shaurya says he'll support Rajveer after which Anshuman calls the guards to oust Luthra's stuff.

Further, the guards go in the family members room to oust their stuff while Rajveer, Shaurya, Mohit, and, Sandy try to stop them but in vain.

There, Anshuman listens their noises from upstairs and goes to check while Nidhi, Arohi, and Kareena blame Preeta after which Karan and Rakhi defend her saying atleast she tried to save them and it's not Preeta's fault if the plan fails.

After that, Anshuman throws Luthra's stuff from above after which he comes down with Rajveer and the others and calls the media to announce its his house now.

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