Kundali Bhagya 10th May 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 10th May 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 10th May 2023 Written Update: Kundali written update

Today's Kundali Bhagya 10th May 2023 episode starts with Shaurya getting flattered by Preeta's behavior as Preeta hosts him so nicely.

Preeta takes Shaurya into the kitchen by holding his hand and making Kheer for him and chatting with him.

Elsewhere Rajveer suggests to his boss that he can make their company win against Luthra while mentioning Mohit as Jack.

Rajveer praises his luck as his boss agrees to take him at auction while Rajveer mutters that he will use his brain against the Luthra company and not Mohit.

Elsewhere, Preeta excitedly asks Shaurya to talk with her and laughs when he replies that he doesn't know how to chat with someone.

Preeta playful tells him that she will teach him and tells him that first, they should ask about a person's name and family members.

Shaurya calls Preeta 'Maasi' when she jokingly asks Shaurya if he knows her name.

Preeta laughs hard but then agrees with him and asks him about his family members.

However, Shaurya mentions his family members as Badi Dadi, Badi Mom, Bua Dadi, Bua, one mother, and one dad, without mentioning their names.

Just then, Preeta realizes that her sugar container is empty when she asks Shaurya to pass the sugar container kept at height.

While passing the sugar container, the oil container falls accidentally and the oil spreads on the floor.

Preeta worriedly tells Shaurya to be careful as he can slip due to oil while telling him that she will clean it later.

However, Shaurya spreads oil near Preeta's feet intentionally while thinking of avenging Rajveer by hurting Preeta.

When Preeta is about to slip, Shaurya suddenly saves her by holding her.

Meanwhile, at the auction, Rajveer tells his team that Mohit got terminated from Luthra's company which makes Mr. Mehta insecure and he gets up to leave the auction.

Just then, Karan and Rishabh enter the auction and see Mr. Mehta, so Karan tries to talk with him while making him feel inferior.

At the same time, Rishabh is surprised by seeing Rajveer and Karan is also gets surprised as Mr. Mehta introduces him as his employee.

Karan gives a business tip to Rajveer by saying that business is a mind game and he should always follow his mind over his heart.

Later, Rishabh tries to tell Karan that Rajveer joined their rival company because of his hatred for Shaurya.

Elsewhere, Preeta feeds Shaurya with her hands which makes him so emotional.

Preeta asks Shaurya if he is upset with someone and hurting himself but Shaurya denies her while recalling Karan's heart-stabbing words for him.

Shaurya gets overwhelmed by Preeta's love and care and leaves the house to hide his emotional side while Preeta gets worried and upset by seeing Shaurya departure suddenly.

On the other side, the auction gets started, and the host shares his gratitude for the presence of Mr. Karan Luthra.

As different parties start announcing the dealing amount, Karan gives the highest amount and glares at Rajveer while smirking.

Just then, Rajveer stands up and offers a proposal that rather than buying a hotel, the Mehta Industries, will make a partnership with the owner of the hotel.

Everyone gets shocked after hearing the deal but Rajveer plays smart by trapping the owner in his talk by representing his deep study of the owner's personal and professional life.

Soon after that, Karan offers a dream amount for the hotel while being egoistic and feels offended as the hotel owner accepts Rajveer's deal.

Everyone tells Mr. Mehta congratulations while Karan tries to leave there but Rajveer stops him by calling his name.

Further, Rajveer thanks Karan for his previous business advice by saying that he has learned it from him and applied it very well.

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