Kundali Bhagya 11th March 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 11th March 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 11th March 2023 Written Update: Kundali written update

Today's Kundali Bhagya 11th March 2023 episode starts with Preeta crying as Anjali says that she will marry Karan today.

Preeta tries to free her hands as she is tied to a chair while Anjali lets her know that she kidnapped her son not because she loves children but because Karan can marry her.

Screaming, Preeta yells that Karan is already married and will not love Anjali while Anjali asks her to shut up and the Pandit Ji arrives for the marriage.

Preeta tells him that Anjali is marrying her husband while yelling and asks Anjali not to bring her son in between.

However, Anjali slaps Preeta across her cheeks and asks her goon to put the Pandit at gunpoint who starts preparing for the marriage in fear.

On the other hand, Karan arrives at the location Anjali told him to come to while Shrishti slowly comes out of the trunk.

The goons cover Karan's face with a black cloth and also spot Shrishti after making her smell chloroform, trapping her in their car along with Karan.

Meanwhile, Preeta tells Anjali that she has gone mad while Anjali says she likes to see Preeta cry.

Preeta tries to reason that Anjali is blinded by revenge and she must understand all this concerns her family while Anjali mocks her, stating she will be able to understand these motherly feelings when she becomes one and asks Preeta to wait until she marries Karan.

Just then, Shambhu brings an unconscious Shrishti and Karan who screams at Anjali if she has lost her mind.

Anjali asks Karan how she is looking as a bride while Karan reminds her that a person's beauty is judged by their behaviour and Anjali's morals and behaviour are third class.

Shambhu reminds Karan that the gun is loaded when he tries to go free up Preeta.

Another goon puts a knife near Preeta's neck while she tells Karan not to worry about her but save their baby instead.

At Luthra House, an angry Kareena states that Anjali should have died in a comatose state and Rakhi reminds her not to lose trust in God because he will assist Preeta.

Upon seeing tears in Rakhi's eyes, Rishabh reminds her that there haven't been many cases where the lost son has returned from the claws of death and they should trust in God's will now.

Just then, Kavya comes complaining and asks Rishabh where her other brother is along with Preeta and Karan.

Rakhi softly tells Kavya that the other brother has gone to play outside and Karan and Preeta have gone to get him.

Before Kavya goes upstairs with Kritika, she notices a policeman standing at the door.

Meanwhile, Anjali says that she is the only one who has loved Karan the most to the extent that she can even share him with Preeta.

Karan elbows Shambhu and runs to free up Preeta after he pushes Anjali along the way.

However, Anjali gains an upper hand when she exposes the baby above the mandap fire, threatening to throw him.

She makes both Preeta sign the divorce papers but when it is Karan's turn, the pen stops working.

Anjali says he can sign the papers later and sits in the mandap but Shrishti gains consciousness, and silently cuts Preeta's rope.

Karan sees her while Anjali ties the knot of their marriage but he lets her know that he cannot marry her.

Pandit Ji announces to fill the bride's forehead with vermillion while Anjali forces Karan to do it but Preeta comes there, jerking Anjali's hand away.

She slaps Anjali at the end.

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