Kundali Bhagya 11th May 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 11th May 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 11th May 2023 Written Update: Kundali written update

Today's Kundali Bhagya 11th May 2023 episode starts with Rajveer telling Karan that he has learned his first business lesson from him and followed his advice.

Further, Rajveer taunts Karan that he used his brain and snatched the deal, and tries to shake hands with Karan.

However, Karan leaves there rudely, so Rishabhh shakes hands with Rajveer and wishes him good luck.

After that, Rajveer's team congratulates him while Rajveer thinks in his mind that he can win against Karan Luthra by using his brain.

Shaurya's irrelevant behavior

Meanwhile, on the street, Sandy is excitedly waiting for Shaurya while Shaurya comes and leaves in the car instantly without talking much.

Sandy gets irate and at that time, Daljeet happens to pass by.

Daljeet invites her matchmaker friend, Sudha, for Palki's engagement and Sandy tries to eavesdrop after hearing the name Palki.

Soon after that, Shaurya comes into the car and Sandy gets in the car, asking Shaurya eagerly if he hurt Preeta.

However, Shaurya denies Sandy, so Sandy tells him that Shaurya is being affectionate toward Preeta.

Shaurya helplessly looks at Sandy while telling him that he can't explain exactly but he gets motherly feelings from Preeta, even more than Nidhi.

Just then, Sandy remembers Daljeet and tells Shaurya that she is Palki's mother by pointing at Daljeet.

Preeta gets emotional

In the meantime, Gurpreet returns home while praising the cooking smell spread in the surrounding.

Preeta gives a bowl of kheer to Gurpreet and Gurpreet tells her that she has never eaten that tasty kheer, and asks about the occasion for making the kheer.

Since Gurpreet expression changes into worry as Preeta takes Shaurya's name, Gurpreet asks if he came for complaining about Rajveer.

However, Preeta tells her that Shaurya came to meet her and gets emotional while saying that she always feels connected with Shaurya.

Gurpreet looks at Preeta and says that it seems like that but Preeta surprises her by telling that she thinks of Shaurya as her other child, the same as Rajveer.

After that, Gurpreet asks whom she loves more Rajveer or Shaurya, and Preeta looks confused.

Since Gurpreet says Preeta will take Rajveer's name, Preeta stutters and hesitantly says that she will take Rajveer's name undoubtedly but she will also think about Shaurya.

Gurpreet doesn't like this and reminds Preeta about how Shaurya tried to accuse Palki.

However, Preeta apologizes to Gurpreet from Shaurya's side to which Gurpreet says that Shaurya is not her son so she is doing this.

Elsewhere, Karan furiously asks Rishabhh why he is so impressed with Rajveer and Rishabh replies while praising Rajveer's skills for cracking the big deal.

Karan gets mad as he has to face a big loss in his dream project by losing this deal.

Karan faces Rajveer

Just then, Rishabhh looks at Rajveer, standing behind Karan and Karan also turns around to see what Rishabhh looking at.

Rajveer walks to them and apologizes to Karan for his loss in a taunting tune, and Karan tells Rajveer that he destroyed his dream.

Rajveer leaves there rudely by replying that he has come to do the same which drives Karan more crazy.

Elsewhere, Sandy gets frightened due to the car's speed and asks Shaurya to stop the car.

Shaurya stops the car immediately and comes out with Sandy also following him, asking the reason for his restlessness.

However, Shaurya tells Sandy that he can never be able to hurt Preeta as he feels like he is connected to her since his birth.

At that time, Sandy diverts his attention to a teenage boy trying to steal Vada-pav from the stall.

Palki's kind act

Just then, Palki steps down from the auto and notices that the boy stealing Vada-pav but at the same time the owner also notices him and catches him.

The owner is about to slap that boy but Palki stops him by saying that he is just a kid.

Just then, Shaurya meddles by saying that he saw the boy while stealing the Vada-pav and they should punish him.

The boy helplessly says that he wants it for his mother as she is ill and Palki pays for the Vada-pav while staring at Shaurya.

Palki leaves there while Shaurya keeps looking at her.

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