Kundali Bhagya 11th May 2024 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 11th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Kundali Bhagya episode starts with Palki asks the inspector to let her meet Shaurya while the inspector tries to stop her saying she has already met Shaurya today thus she can't meet him again in a day.

Meanwhile, Palki requests the inspector to let her meet Shaurya even she doesn't want to meet him but it's important and it's nothing to do with the case.

After that, the inspector allows her to meet Shaurya for 5 mins while Palki says that she'll even take less than 5 mins after which she comes to meet Shaurya and he taunts her for begging to meet him.

There, Palki says that she knows Shaurya well that he is rude and spoilt brat but he shouldn't break Shanaya's heart as she loves him a lot as well as their families while Shaurya tries to ignore Palki's talk by keeping hands on ears.

Further, Palki tags him as childish and warns him to not break Shanaya's heart ever while Shaurya feels irked on meeting Palki and the inspector to not let her come again.

On the other hand, Rajveer discusses with the family about Anshuman's matter and says that Anshuman has trapped Shaurya by building fake proofs against him thus they have to break them all to save Shaurya.

Meanwhile, Karan says that they have tried a lot to defeat Anshuman but nothing worked and Preeta supports his claim.

After that, Mahesh says that first Anshuman used to compete with them only on business ground but now he is doing emotional attack like he wants to destroy them totally as a revenge of some past thing.

Further, Kritika says that first they have to find out who is Anshuman's alley who is helping him against their family while Rajveer gets tensed.

Just then, Nidhi comes and says that she has listened to them all after which she thinks that they can't defeat Anshuman by attacking openly so they have to plan and plot against him as he is doing.

Meanwhile, Dadi supports Nidhi and then Nidhi says that they should find Anshuman's weak point maybe his wife while Dadi says that Anshuman doesn't have wife she has gathered information which impresses everyone.

After that, Rajveer says that they don't have any idea thus he has decided to defeat Anshuman alone, he has to go in Anshuman's house to find any solid proof to frame him.

Just then, Palki and Shanaya comes and Palki talks with Nidhi far from everyone that Shanaya loves Shaurya and his family a lot then why Nidhi insulted her.

Further, Nidhi taunts Palki that Shanaya doesn't know to behave well while Palki asks her to tell her what Shanaya does wrong so she'll make her understand otherwise she should apologize to Shanaya.

This makes Nidhi triggers while Palki ends her conversation alerting Nidhi again.

Outside, Rajveer tells everyone that he has an idea that they should file a strong case against Anshuman so he come up with a deal to withdraw the case after which Luthra's family wonders that what case they can file on Anshuman.

After that, Preeta asks them to file attempt to murder case on Anshuman as he has attacked and tried to kill Rajveer and Karan many times.

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