Kundali Bhagya 12th April 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 12th April 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 12th April 2023 Written Update: Kundali written update

Today's Kundali Bhagya 12th April 2023 episode starts with Gurpreet asking Karan about Rishabh and worries if he has also strolled into one of the rooms while Karan feels embarrassed and tells him that Rishabh is not like that. 

After a while, Gurpreet serves Laddoo to Karan and insists.

However, Karan’s tastebuds recognize Preeta’s hand in the Laddoos and get nostalgic while Mohit tells him that Gurpreet has made them.

On being introduced as Mohit, Karan expresses his disappointment and tells Gurpreet that he has come to meet Rajveer. 

Mohit tells him that Rajveer is at Mr. Khurana’s house and goes to call him. 

At the Palki’s house, Mohit comes there and after receiving a lot of affectionate bashing from the Khurana tells Rajveer that someone has come to meet him. 

Rajveer looks surprised and goes to check on the visitor.

Meanwhile, Gurpreet leaves in an emergency to help a friend and tells Karan to wait for Rajveer. 

Rajveer Meets Karan

After a while, Rajveer comes home and is shocked to see Karan in front of him. 

All the painful memories, past revelations, and Shrishti’s words echo in his mind. 

Rajveer pulls back his hand from Karan’s hand while Karan addresses him ‘Son’ but Rajveer tells him not to call him "son".

Elsewhere, Mahesh brings Dadi to Rakhi and tells her to obey Dadi.

Kareena also tells Rakhi that she cannot be careless with her health and should eat something.

Meanwhile, Nidhi watches Kareena insisting Rakhi eat and thinks bitchingly that Rakhi will not die if she will not eat for a day or two. 

After a while, Kareena sees Nidhi listening to them and sarcastically tells her to get food for Rakhi. 

Nidhi bristles at Kareena but calls Girish to bring the food. 

In the meantime, Karan is shocked at Rajveer’s behaviour and tells him that this is the way to talk to children. 

Karan Asks About Rajveer's Demands

However, Rajveer tells him that in his family, there are no pretend relationships and there is meaning in every relationship. 

Karan tries to pacify Rajveer telling him that he is not justifying Shaurya and admits that he is in the wrong and it is the reason he did not get him out of the jail. 

Rajveer asks him then why he is here and if he would have taken the time to teach Shaurya right and wrong, then he wouldn’t have to come here begging for him.

Karan gets angry and tells him to not cross his limit while Rajveer tells him that he is only pointing out that Shaurya alone is not at fault but he is too for not guiding him.

Rajveer asks him why he wants to get Shaurya out without punishment.

Karan gets agitated and tells Rajveer that he is here because of his mother who has refused to eat or drink until Shaurya comes back. 

Rajveer looks surprised to hear that but then tells him that his mother was in the hospital and could have died in that accident and that is why, he will not help him get Shaurya out. 

Just then, Rishabh, Gurpreet, and Mohit also return and listens to their conversation. 

Karan changes tactics and asks him to tell him his price while Rishabh chides him. 

However, Rajveer asks him what price would he have put for his mother if he would have been in place. 

On hearing Karan say No, Rajveer tells him that no one sells their mother as a mother is like a God.

However, Karan tells him that he has twisted his words but now, he will see that he will get Shaurya out of the jail.

Later, Rishabh apologizes to Rajveer for hurting his mother and goes after Karan. 

Karan Gets a Glimpse Of Preeta

Outside, Rishabh tries to pacify Karan but he feels angry and tells him that he has not started the argument or blame game and will not back down. 

Just then, Karan gets a glimpse of Preeta while Preeta gets hidden by other people while Rishabh jolts him from his reverie. 

Looking disappointed, Karan drives the car away but stops with a jerk seeing Preeta in the side view mirror. 

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