Kundali Bhagya 12th June 2024 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 12th June 2024 Written Update

Today's Kundali Bhagya episode starts with Preeta saying that she was so scared that if the plan will work or not and if it wouldn't have worked then they might have lost their everything but everything got fine.

Just then, Palki comes there and hugs Preeta saying she is feeling so proud of her after which she states that Karan and Preeta are great as a couple and they can rule the business world.

After that, Rajveer comes there and Palki corrects herself that she thinks Karan and Preeta can form a good team while Karan thinks that he wishes to tell Palki that Karan and Preeta are meant to be together on every front.

Further, Rajveer praises Preeta for defeating Anshuman while Preeta says that she becomes a different self when it comes to Rajveer and Shaurya and she can even sacrifice her life for them and Luthra's family.

There, Sandy asks Shaurya if he has understood what just happened while Shaurya says he doesn't care about it as he is out of the jail now and in his home.

Meanwhile, Nidhi and Arohi come there and Nidhi says to Shaurya that now they have to live in their house as servants as Preeta and Rajveer have taken over their property.

After that, Sandy asks that how Rajveer is the owner while Nidhi says that as Preeta is the owner then to whom she'll transfer her property now.

Further, Anshuman drinks in a bar after which he receives a call from the goon named king and he instructs him to get the house papers from Preeta anyhow.

He asks him to kill Preeta if she doesn't give them the papers after which the goons shout to call the house owner aka Preeta.

Meanwhile, Shaurya listens to it and goes to check out with Sandy after which Preeta and the others also listen it in the kitchen and Rajveer asks Karan and Palki to protect Preeta while he'll go and check.

However, Preeta gets stubborn to go out but Palki and Karan ask her to be there while Rajveer sees there are goons thus hides but Shaurya comes out to fight with them thus Rajveer joins the fight and they are captured by the goons.

There, Shanaya was about to tell Kavya about Varun but Kritika listens the noises from the outside so they decide to go and check while the goons announce that Shaurya, Rajveer, and Sandy are in their captive so Preeta tries to go but Palki and Karan stop her.

This is seen by Nidhi thus she sent the goons towards the kitchen while the family members meet in a room and decide to go and check downstairs.

However, Kavya and Shanaya decide to go leaving elders there while the elders asks Varun to go with Kavya thus he goes reluctantly after which the goons catch Preeta.

Further, Karan fights with goons and Varun stays reluctant in going with Kavya which makes Shanaya conclude Varun doesn't love Kavya while Karan locks Preeta in a room to save her.

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