Kundali Bhagya 12th March 2024 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 12th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Kundali Bhagya episode starts with Karan and Dadi coming to Preeta and Karan asking Preeta if Rajveer has gone, to which Preeta agrees and tells them that Rajveer is childish and has never seen her work so he didn't want her to stay there.

She adds he wants to take her home while Dadi gets confused by their relationship and questions, which makes Karan worried that Dadi shouldn't know Rajveer and Preeta's relationship and sends Preeta to bring milk for Dadi.

However, Dadi understands Karan is diverting the topic and confronts him while Karan lies that Rajveer and Preeta are neighbors and share a bond like a mother and son thus Rajveer even calls her Maasi.

Further, Preeta comes back and assures Dadi that she'll be fine, while Karan goes to drop Preeta at the guest room.

There, Palki's family and Shaurya don't find her at home, after which they talk about Preeta and Shaurya gets to know Preeta has become Dadi's physiotherapist and finds something fishy remembering finding Preeta's photo in Karan's suitcase so he leaves for the home suddenly to know the mystery.

In the car, he remembers his moments with Preeta, and as he starts the car, someone bumps into the car from the backside and Shaurya comes out to check.

They are shocked to see each other and start arguing with each other when Rajveer says Shaurya is good for nothing, while Shaurya says Rajveer shouldn't forget that he is Luthra's servant as well as Preeta.

This makes Rajveer punch Shaurya and they start to do a physical fight.

However, Shanaya and Palki come there to separate them and take them separately to talk.

There, Karan asks Preeta if she is hungry, to which she says she isn't and also doesn't want to trouble anyone at night.

Meanwhile, Karan proposes to cook for her but Preeta refuses saying she isn't hungry for real, and then they head to the guest room, to which Nidhi sees them and thinks Karan doesn't care for her ever and always roams around Preeta since her arrival, while feeling insecure.

There, Palki brings Rajveer into a room and asks him to calm down and not react that way, as Shaurya is psycho and an idiot but he is mature.

After that, Rajveer says that doesn't mean he'll listen to everything calmly to Shaurya's rubbish and tells how he insulted his mother Preeta.

Meanwhile, Palki says that we shouldn't disrespect any mother even in anger while Rajveer says he'll destroy Luthra's family for troubling Preeta even now and then asks Palki to leave him alone for some time.

There, Shanaya treats Shaurya's wounds and asks him to not be short-tempered while Daljeet sides with Shaurya and bad-mouths Rajveer and asks Shaurya to tell Karan to fire him from the job.

However, Shanaya asks Daljeet how can she say that as he is Palki's fiancee but Shaurya likes her idea and decides to talk with Karan.

On the other hand, Karan brings Preeta to the room and informs her that he has already brought her needed things from her house.

There, Aarushi comes and Nidhi tells her about Preeta's arrival, while Aarushi asks her to not give up on her rights.

Meanwhile, Karan and Preeta share a happy moment where Preeta gets flashes of the past and she states she feels a connection with the place while Karan worries for her health but she laughs at him, which makes Karan mesmerized and he wishes to see Preeta always happy.

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