Kundali Bhagya 13th April 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 13th April 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 13th April 2023 Written Update: Kundali written update

Today's Kundali Bhagya 13th April 2023 episode starts with Karan stopping the car on seeing Preeta’s reflection in the side view mirror and getting down to check the person. 

Meanwhile, Rishabh follows him, asking him what the problem is while Karan continues to search but gets disappointed in not finding anyone as Preeta once again disappears.

Later, Karan and Rishabh come back home while Nidhi opens the door. 

Rakhi asks Karan where is Shaurya and what happened there while Karan tells her that they tried their best to convince Rajveer but he refused and insulted him as well. 

Karan is angry with Rajveer

He tells Rakhi that Rajveer was fighting with him in a manner as if he has a grudge against them and has no manners to talk to elders. 

Rishabh tells Karan to calm down and asks how would he have reacted if it was Shaurya instead of Rajveer. 

Rishabh tells him that Rajveer is not in the wrong as he is only doing what he would do and standing for his family. 

However, Rishabh is of the opinion that Karan should not have offered him money but should have apologised to him for Shaurya’s mistake. 

Karan angrily tells Rishabh that he was doing everything for Shaurya. 

Turning to Rakhi he tells her that he tried his best to bring Shaurya back but couldn’t do it. 

However, he requests her to eat something and assures her that he will bring Shaurya back by hook or by crook. 

Meanwhile, Nidhi thinks that it is time for her to get Shaurya out and get the credit for being a wonderful mother. 

Preeta rebukes Rajveer for insulting Karan

Elsewhere, Gurpreet and Preeta are busy in small talks when Gurpreet mentions to Preeta about Karan’s visit and how Rajveer stood for her in front of him.

Preeta looks shocked and then angry and calls Rajveer outside asking him if he insulted Shaurya’s father. 

She chides him for being so ill-mannered to talk back with elders and insult them.

Rajveer tells Preeta that Karan was trying to bribe him to get Shaurya out while Preeta tells him that a parent goes to any length seeing their children in pain and problem.

Preeta tells him that if Shaurya was wrong, then he is not right by insulting his elders. 

Feeling sympathetic for Karan, she tells Rajveer that he must be so worried about his son and he insulted them on top of that. 

However, Rajveer tells her that Karan deserves what is happening to him as he was a poor husband to his wife 

Preeta looks confused while Rajveer walks back into his room. 

Rajveer Swears On Preeta's Name

Later, Rajveer blames Karan for not being able to call Preeta his mom but now he knows the truth and he will do everything that a son would do. 

He also tells Karan that he will not let him hurt Preeta anymore and will not leave the whole Luthra clan because of his sins. 

Looking at the photos with Preeta, he tells Preeta that she does not know that unknowingly she is helping Shaurya and his mean father but he will not let her help them. 

After a while, Rajveer changes his plan to tell Shrishti as she will get angrier.

However, Rajveer cannot shut their voices echoing inside him and tries to get some sleep.

When Preeta comes to him and he puts his head on her lap to get peace. 

Karan is in a dilemma 

Elsewhere, Karan is thinking about Rajveer and feels hatred for him for being so disrespectful to him. 

However, he also admits that he was brought up with strong values just like Dadi calls such boys “Maryada Purshottam” like Lord Rama.

As Karan compares Shaurya with Ravan, Mahesh comes there and asks him what is troubling him while Karan tells him that Rajveer is a very good boy but he feels hatred towards him. 

Meanwhile, Mahesh tells him that he feels hatred for him because no one ever stood up to him before.  

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