Kundali Bhagya 13th July 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 13th July 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 13th July 2023 Written Update: Kundali written update

Today's Kundali Bhagya 13th July 2023 episode starts with Karan telling Mahesh that Shaurya will come after sending his mail and calling him lazy while Mahesh tells him to not badmouth him as he is just a kid. 

Rajveer tells Mahesh that Karan is right and he should let him speak. 

Seeing Rajveer talk to Mahesh instead of him, Karan tells Rajveer that there are some problems between them concerned with the past.

However, if he will give him time things will become alright. 

Rajveer thinks to himself that the problem between them is not small but so big that when he will find out then he will get shocked. 

Afterward, Mahesh and Karan take Rajveer with them despite his protest, telling him that they will be banned from the house if he does not go with them. 

Later, Shaurya informs Nidhi that Rajveer left with Mahesh and Karan.

Nidhi becomes happy thinking that Rajveer will soon be destroyed. 

Kritika Talks About Preeta

Elsewhere, Kavya stares at the mirror, lost in her thoughts when Kritika comes there telling her she is looking beautiful. 

Observing her sad face, Kritika thinks that she has a fight with Varun.

However, Kavya asks her if she has Preeta’s photo or if she recalls how she looked. 

Kritika apologises for not having the photo but tells her that it is her exact photocopy. 

She tells her that Preeta was such a wonderful person that everyone becomes her fan. 

Meanwhile, Nidhi is walking in the corridor making plans to burn Luthra's happiness with her revenge and hatred. 

At the same time, Rakhi, Dadi, and Kareena are busy making arrangements when they look happy to see Rajveer. 

Karan tells Rajveer to select from one of the designs that has arrived for Shaurya but Rajveer refuses. 

However, Rakhi and others insist, forcing Rajveer to accept. 

Shaurya also comes there with Nidhi who tells everyone to go and get ready while Rakhi tells Girish to take Rajveer and help him select the clothes. 

Rajveer Makes Kavya Smile

In the meantime, Kavya tells Kritika to talk some more about Preeta and she tells her about her first meeting with Preeta. 

Kritika recalls the first moment with Preeta and tells Kavya that Preeta was like an elder sister to her and that helping others was second nature to her. 

Kavya feels happy and tells her that she wants to become like Preeta only in every way. 

Just then, Rajveer overhears them and thinks that she is just like Preeta. 

Kavya sees him at the door and calls him inside telling him that Kritika tells her that she is like Preeta. 

Rajveer tells her that she is the exact copy of Preeta and that her mother and his mother are the same. 

Both Kritika and Kavya look shocked at the news and Rajveer tells her that all mothers are beautiful for their children.

On hearing that Kavya does not remember Preeta’s face, Rajveer takes her to the mirror and tells her to look in the mirror whenever she wants to see Preeta. 

Nidhi Tells Shaurya Her Plan

Elsewhere, Nidhi comes to Shaurya’s room telling him that she will bring back the smile that Rajveer has snatched. 

As Shaurya reminds Nidhi that today is Kavya’s Roka, Nidhi tells him that he is too innocent and that Kavya has invited Rajveer to the function and loves him more than him. 

She explains the plan to Shaurya about humiliating Rajveer which leaves him shocked. 

Later, Karan comes down and looks mesmerized to see his family happy but tells Mahesh that he should be happy too but he is not. 

Mahesh tells him that it is natural for fathers to feel sad when someone comes to take their daughter away forever. 

Seeing Rakhi shower her love on Rajveer, Karan asks Mahesh if he has told Rakhi about Rajveer’s connection to Preeta.

However, Mahesh tells him that Rakhi likes Rajveer from the first day. 

After a while, Varun and his family arrive at the Luthra house where Luthras welcomes them with warmth. 

Kavya also comes down with Kritika and they all look happy together. 

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