Kundali Bhagya 13th June 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 13th June 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 13th June 2023 Written Update: Kundali written update

Today's Kundali Bhagya 13th June 2023 episode starts with Rajveer leaving Preeta alone inside the fire and trying to get out of the house so that he can get something with which he can carry Preeta out of there.

Palki starts calling out Rajveer's name anxiously as a few minutes have passed and no one has come out of the fire.

Getting scared about Rajveer and Preeta, Palki runs to call for help while Rajveer comes to the main door and spots no one outside.

Meanwhile, the police ask the Luthra family to explain the whole matter and why they suspect Rajveer of the crime.

The event manager comes forward and says that he is exceptionally sorry for everything that happened as he should not have given Rajveer the job at all.

Shaurya comes downstairs while the event manager explains that he gave Rajveer the job because he came in place of a worker who got into an accident and said that he knows them personally.

The event manager apologizes for his mistake while Shaurya says that his sorry cannot fix anything that happened earlier.

Rishabh asks Shaurya to control his language as the event manager has worked for years with them and has a good relationship with their family.

Shaurya asks Rishabh what they would do if something happened to him at the event and tells the officer that he wants to lodge a case against Rajveer for an attempt to murder.

Rakhi comes back to the living room and informs Rishabh that Rajveer is not in the room in which they locked him which makes Shaurya laugh out loud.

Shaurya says that nobody in the family cares for him and instead takes the side of Rajveer who is a stranger to them.

Rakhi tries to say that Rajveer is not a criminal but Shaurya stops her and asks her to stay silent if she loves him a little bit.

Rishabh says that Rakhi always takes the side of the right person and both Shaurya and Rajveer are in the wrong in this situation.

However, Shaurya says that the family members might have helped Rajveer to escape from that room which leaves everyone shocked.

Just then, Rajveer comes to the living room and starts running away from the police officers as they chase him with Shaurya following them.

Rajveer tries to run away and tells the officers that he has to save his mother from the fire but Shaurya gets him red-handed and hands him to the police, completing his revenge.

Nidhi stops Rajveer as he is about to slap Shaurya and says that she would not tolerate anyone hurting her son.

At the same time, Palki enters the living room and Rakhi comes to her to talk, spotting the burn mark on her hand.

Palki tries to tell everyone that there is a fire but Rakhi makes her sit and does the first aid to pay back her for her help in the past.

Rajveer also comes there with the police and Palki tells everyone that there is a fire at their outhouse while the fire brigade also arrives there.

Nidhi talks to her friend and tells her that Preeta is still alive and has got stuck in that fire but now the fire brigade has come.

The friend says that Nidhi has to leave the Luthra house if Preeta returns but Nidhi says that such a thing will not happen as Preeta will turn into ashes in that fire.

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