Kundali Bhagya 13th June 2024 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 13th June 2024 Written Update

Today's Kundali Bhagya episode starts with Lucky saying he is getting bored he'll do shooting practice after which he points the gun at Rajveer and the others while they try to save themselves.

Then, he says he'll shoot without seeing after which he shoots from the back which makes a flower vase break just then Kavya and Shanaya comes there and sees the scenario while Rajveer asks Lucky to not shoot as no one should get hurt.

After that, Lucky says that if he wants that then he should tell him where is Preeta just then Kavya takes out her sandal and throws it on Lucky to make his gun fall after which Rajveer, Shaurya, and Sandy overpower Lucky and beat him.

Meanwhile, Kavya takes Lucky's gun after which Karan and Palki run from King and his goons to save the room key after which they pass the key to each other to prevent the goons from getting it.

Further, King decides to break the door of Preeta's room and does the same after which Preeta tries to defend herself but they drag her to the hall.

Later, King asks her about the property papers which makes Preeta realize that the goons are sent by Anshuman just then Lucky comes there limping after which King gets angry and says he won't leave the ones who have troubled his brother.

After that, they tie Preeta's mouth and make her stand on a table after which King forcefully makes her wear hanging noose.

Then, he asks the goons to bring the furniture near Preeta and sprinkle Castrol oil over it to lit it up but before that they decide that Luthra's family should know about the situation so they remove the cloth from Preeta's mouth after which she shouts.

There, everyone listens to her voice and Rajveer tries to go there while Kavya gives him Lucky's gun after which Rajveer checks that it only has one bullet.

Further, Karan also goes in the direction of the noise while Shaurya is also about to go but Nidhi puts an act of getting faint to stop him.

However, as Shaurya knows about it he goes out to see the situation while Kritika says that she also has to go and see what's happening outside but Varun has locked them from outside.

He thinks to save himself today and not return to Luthra's family ever after which he goes in the meantime, Kritika gets hurt in the try of opening the door so Kareena treats her.

Just then, Mohit comes there so Rakhi goes out taking advantage of the situation with Mohit while Varun locks the door again seeing it open.

On the other hand, everyone sees Preeta's condition and worriedly fights with the goons but the goons overpower them.

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