Kundali Bhagya 13th November 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 13th November 2023 Written Update

Today's Kundali Bhagya 13th November 2023 episode starts with Sammy and Sandy coming to their room and talking about how girls did not give another glance to Sammy as they were openly interested in Sandy.

Sandy says that things do not go that way every time as most girls talk to him to get closer to Shaurya and he only gets a chance if Shaurya decides to reject them.

Sammy asks Sandy to reject some girls so that he also gets to have a chance with them but Sandy says that he likes to talk to girls and has made about twenty female friends which cracks up Sammy.

Rajveer comes to the room and asks Sandy to give him his phone so that he can make a call as he has seen some goons downstairs who are trying to loot the house.

Sandy asks Rajveer not to joke about such things to which Rajveer says that he is not joking and notices that Sandy’s phone does not have a network in it.

Rajveer leaves the room in a hurry with Sandy and Sammy coming after him to see what the matter is.

Shaurya makes Shanaya Desperte

Meanwhile, Shanaya stands with a sour face as she remembers how Shaurya got angry at her after she went to his room and chased out the girl he brought with him.

Shanaya remembers how Shaurya was getting intimate with that girl and feels bad as she wants to have a good relationship with Shaurya.

Daljeet notices Shanaya standing with a grim face and comes to her, asking her if she would like water to drink to which Shanaya replies with a no and makes it clear that her mood is bad due to what happened with Shaurya.

Shanaya tells Daljeet how Shaurya took a girl to his room and she posed as his fiance which he did not like a bit as he is not interested in her a bit.

Just then, Shaurya runs after that girl as she leaves and turns toward Shanaya which Daljeet notices and informs Shanaya that Shaurya is coming toward her with an angry face.

Shaurya asks Shanaya who gave her the right to act like his fiance as he does not like her a bit and wants no relationship to be formed with her.

Shanaya says that Shaurya should not have insulted her when Rakhi comes and asks Shanaya what the matter is.

Shanaya acts like nothing has happened and tells Rakhi that it is just a small argument between her and Shaurya.

Luthra House is Hijacked

Meanwhile, Rajveer, Sandy, and Sammy follow those goons and confirm that they have just come to see the house as those goons say that they have no intention to rob the house.

However, the boss says that he is testing his men and asks them to get ready to loot the house after Rajveer and others leave.

Kavya comes to Karan and says that she is excited to meet her mother as she had always wished that she would hug her mother one day.

Karan notices tears in Kavya’s eyes and asks her not to cry while Kavya asks him why Preeta has not met them for so many years.

Karan says that he also wants to know the reason for that and they will get to know everything once Preeta comes when Rakhi and Rishabh come there and ask Karan to be patient.

Shanaya tells Daljeet how Shaurya wants no relationship with her but she decides to devise another plan to achieve her goal this time.

Coming to Rakhi, Kareena, and Dadi, Shanaya acts like she and Shaurya had a big argument saying that Shaurya is saying that he will not marry her anymore.

Rakhi says that Shanaya does not need to mind Shaurya’s hot temper as she has already planned to announce Rajveer-Palki and Shaurya-Shanaya’s engagement.

Just then, the goons fire bullets in the air shocking everyone and ask the family members to gather as they are ready to rob the Luthra mansion.

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