Kundali Bhagya 14th March 2024 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 14th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Kundali Bhagya episode starts with Shaurya stating that Rajveer to not come to his home ever while Rajveer says that Shaurya will regret his words, which triggers a fight between them.

However, Nidhi comes there to stop them and separates them, after which Rajveer goes from there silently looking at Nidhi and Shaurya.

Meanwhile, Shaurya complains about Rajveer's behavior to Nidhi and says that he'll talk to Karan right now to make Rajveer fire from the job.

After that, Rajveer will keep coming to the house until Preeta is there and they'll talk about it later as she has to inform Rakhi about Dadi and take her leave, while Shaurya thinks that Nidhi has no idea what's going on in the house.

There, Rakhi comes to ask Dadi's whereabouts, to which she says she is fine now due to Preeta, just then Nidhi comes with Dadi's painkiller injection but Dadi says Nidhi is late as Preeta has treated her.

Further, Rakhi thinks that she has to bear Preeta due to Dadi but if Karan and Preeta become one again then it won't be good for the family, while Preeta tells everyone that the injection is not good for Dadi and asks them to go saying she will take care of Dadi.

After that, when Nidhi comes out of the room Shaurya asks her if she isn't affected by Preeta's presence in the house.

Meanwhile, Nidhi hugs Shaurya and states he is most important to her, after which Shaurya repeats his questions but Nidhi nodes in no and says she cares for everyone in the house being daughter-in-law and Dadi needs care thus she is fine with Preeta.

The next day, Mahesh scolds Rakhi for not telling him about Dadi's health while Rakhi says he has been sleeping and eventually the doctor will treat Dadi thus she doesn't disturb him.

She states she is bearing Preeta for Dadi while Karan thanks her for understanding, and Kareena warns him to ask Preeta to leave once Dadi gets fine.

Further, Nidhi comes to Shaurya who is listening to the conversation from upstairs and Shaurya asks her how much the family matters to her, to which Nidhi says the most as she has no one except it.

Just then, Preeta comes there with Dadi after making her walk while Mahesh thanks her.

After that, Karan and Preeta leave from there refusing for breakfast.

Further, Rajveer is sitting sad while Palki comes to give him the tiffin as per Preeta's request and understands he is upset due to Shaurya.

Meanwhile, Rajveer asks her what he should do in Shaurya's matter while Palki takes leave unable to understand the situation.

There, Karan asks Preeta to select clothes for him as per the doctor's advice, while Preeta does it after the initial denial.

After that, Nidhi is hurt seeing it from the outside.

Further, Rakhi and Kareena see Preeta taking care of Dadi while Rakhi asks what if Preeta has any plan behind coming into the house.

However, Kareena asks her to bear Preeta for Dadi while Rakhi decides to oust Preeta once Dadi gets fine.

Later, Karan comes there and everyone praises his look and then, he goes while Kareena and Rakhi take Dadi with them asking Preeta to have breakfast with the staff.

There, Nidhi is heartbroken in the kitchen remembering Karan and Preeta's moments.

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