Kundali Bhagya 14th May 2024 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 14th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Kundali Bhagya episode starts with Kavya is crying remembering Varun's hurtful words to her while Shanaya comes and asks her where is Rajveer and Palki as they are late.

She adds, that they didn't inform Daljeet about their hospital visit so she must be angry and she doesn't want to get scolded by her.

Just then, Rajveer runs from there while Palki tells them that they have got the clue after which Palki notices Kavya is sad and asks the reason.

Further, Kavya tells her about Varun's rude behaviour towards her and then Palki asks her to not take it seriously as he might be worried.

Then, they leave while Palki gets suspicious about Varun's behaviour after which Rajveer meets Prateek and confronts him about trying to kill him.

After that, Prateek tells him that he doesn't want to kill him but Anshuman as he refused to work with him while he has only given him the information of his location.

Later, he asks Rajveer to believe him as he even knows that Rajveer is Karan and Preeta's son but he hasn't told it to Anshuman.

There, Prateek leaves and Anshuman listens to it after which he says that Karan's life is a mess still he lives peacefully.

Further, he scolds Rajveer to help Karan who ruined his mother's life and laves stating no mother should get a son like him.

This makes Rajveer trigger and he tries to attack Anshuman but he leaves so Rajveer angrily leaves while Karan drops Preeta home and they have a sweet conversation after which Karan leaves and Palki opens the door for Preeta stating she wants to talk with her.

On the other hand, Anshuman comes to meet Shaurya in jail under the pretext of helping him and telling him about Karan and Rajveer's truth.

However, Shaurya starts beating him for misbehaving with Preeta and they are separated by the police after which the inspector called Anshuman.

There, Rajveer comes to Karan and asks him why he saved him by donating blood.

He states Karan is a manipulator and wants Rajveer by his side that's why he saved him after which he says his life is messed up and Karan has to answer why he saved him while Karan says Rajveer is his son.

On the other hand, Palki tells Preeta about Varun's strange behaviour with Kavya which makes Preeta suspicious while Roma rebukes Varun for going to the hospital with Aliya and scold Kavya there.

She asks him to apologize to Kavya while Varun refuses and asks her to not behave like his mom.

However, Roma warns him that he has to marry Kavya thus he can't afford to make Kavya upset after which Varun calls her and apologizes while Kavya asks him to not repeat his mistake.

There, Karan accepts Rajveer is his son and hugs him.

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