Kundali Bhagya 15th February 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 15th February 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 15th February 2023 Written Update: Kundali written update

Today's Kundali Bhagya 15th February 2023 episode starts with Kritika trying to make Arjun and Kareena understand that it was Prithvi under the veil who put her in the box.

Kareena names Kritika’s claim as a sign of depression while Arjun starts coughing to make Kareena go away and get water for him and then tells Kritika that what she is thinking is true.

He recalls how Sherlyn along with the drummers brought him back to consciousness and told him about Prithvi marrying Preeta.

In the flashback, Arjun beats Prithvi and holds him by the neck, saying he will not let Preeta’s happiness be spoiled again as he will replace Prithvi in the mandap.

Just then, Sherlyn makes Prithvi smell chloroform from behind and makes him unconscious.

In the present, Arjun tells Kritika how Prithvi made him unconscious and locked him in the room.

He further says that he is happy that Kritika wanted to stop the wedding and save Preeta’s life as a sister.

Kritika hugs Arjun and thanks him for trusting her while Arjun goes towards the mandap while Kritika hides the truth from Kareena who has come back with water.

In the hall, Priyanka gives juice to Anjali while Anjali says that she was scared thinking that Kritika could know who is under the veil.

However, Anjali says that nobody knows anything and now, she will marry Arjun.

On the other hand, a disguised Shambhu decides to kidnap the bride as she only will pay them.

Anjali goes to her room to do the touchup of her makeup while Shambhu follows her.

Meanwhile, Preeta is lying unconscious against a wall with the papers and as Anjali is fixing her dupatta with Priyanka, someone knocks on her door.

Shambhu and his mates hit Priyanka on her head and make the bride (Anjali) unconscious with the help of chloroform and take her away.

Meanwhile, Prithvi comes back to senses and sees that he is not in his wedding attire and asks Sherlyn what she wants from him.

Sherlyn rebukes Prithvi for leaving her with the goons and is now dying to marry Preeta.

Prithvi justifies that he wants only Sherlyn and is marrying Preeta for her money as she is rich as by marrying Preeta, he wants to make his and Sherlyn’s life comfortable.

Prithvi further fools Sherlyn by swearing on her and then swearing on his head, saying that he loves only Sherlyn.

He convinces Sherlyn regarding his motives and asks her about Arjun Suryavanshi.

Later, Kritika apologizes to Rakhi for creating trouble in the wedding while Arjun thanks Kritika for not telling anything to Rakhi.

Rakhi goes to get Preeta for the wedding while Shambhu asks his mate to check on the bride whether she is alive or dead.

Just then, Anjali comes back to consciousness and slaps Shambhu for kidnapping her.

She asks him the reason for doing it while Shambhu says that he wants his money.

Anjali tells Shambhu that she has to marry Arjun which frustrates him as he is not able to understand who wants to marry whom.

Shambhu reminds Anjali that she is not his master and will not follow her orders.

Thinking reasonably, Anjali transfers 50 Lakh amount to Sambhu’s account to drop her back to the Luthra House.

On the other hand, Rakhi goes to get Preeta and finds Priyanka who tells her about the goons who hit her on the head.

Priyanka realizes that Anjali is not around and goes after Rakhi who is searching for Preeta.

Meanwhile, Anjali asks Shambhu to kidnap Preeta and tells him that she will pay him another 50 Lakh which makes Shambhu and his mates extremely happy.

At the same time, Rakhi finds unconscious Preeta and asks her to get up with Priyanka's help.

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