Kundali Bhagya 15th May 2024 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 15th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Kundali Bhagya episode starts with Karan hugging Rajveer while he separates him saying he isn't his father and he isn't his son, he is only Preeta's son and that's his identity after which Karan says to him to not say that as he is his son and he loves him a lot.

After that, Rajveer vents his anger on Karan that if he is his father then where was he in all those years when he was growing up.

He says that they used to stay alone and he doesn't have any idea how they were, what Preeta has gone through as she lost her memory.

Further, Rajveer states that Preeta doesn't even know she has a son and a husband, the same person of whom she is helping not realising that he has ruined her life.

Meanwhile, Karan accepts his mistakes saying he knows he has committed mistakes and he won't defend himself as he wasn't there for Rajveer when he was growing up but he loves him and Preeta a lot.

He says that he has missed them daily in all those years and tells how 20 years ago he and Preeta gone to get him and Shaurya vaccinated.

However, they met with a severe accident and he was in bed for months without gaining consciousness while his family blamed Preeta for the accident and she left the house.

After that, he says that he still curses the time when he couldn't stop Preeta as he was in coma while when he tries to search them later, he got the news that Preeta's car has fell from the cliff so he believed Preeta died with him.

Later, Karan says that he still wants them back in his life while Rajveer rebukes him saying he just fake love and he'll go back with Preeta to Jamshedpur so Karan takes him inside the house after which Nidhi comes to the police station again where Shaurya asks her to not come there as it's not safe.

There, Shaurya is transferred to another cell while the inspector asks Anshuman to not come to meet Shaurya after which Anshuman says he'll come to file another case on Shaurya.

After listening to this, Nidhi goes to talk with him while Karan shows Rajveer his childhood album and says he has seen it countless times in last 20 years and he loves him a lot while Rajveer asks him to stay away from him and Preeta as he hates him.

He states Karan is a manipulator who is manipulating him too from his fake love he came to destroy him but got manipulated by him but not now.

Further, Karan says if Rajveer hates him so much then he'll die and attempts suicide which worries Rajveer while Nidhi tries to make Anshuman understand but Anshuman stays adamant on filing case on Shaurya.

There, Rajveer cries for Karan and asks for help but no one in the house while Karan asks Rajveer to not leave him and forgive him otherwise he won't able to live or die after which he gets unconscious.

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