Kundali Bhagya 15th November 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 15th November 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 15th November 2023 Written Update: Kundali written update

Today's Kundali Bhagya 15th November 2023 episode starts with Daljeet telling Shanaya that Nidhi is the bane of her life while Shanaya tells her that she hates Nidhi too as she thinks too much of himself.

Just then, Shaurya comes there and Shanaya complains to him about Nidhi. 

Rajveer comes there and tells them to hide until the goons are captured.

Meanwhile, Shaurya asks them if they have seen Palki and if she is safe or not while everyone stares at him. 

Karan Calms Preeta

Elsewhere, Karan comes after Preeta just as Gurpreet does but she stops so that Karan does not realise that she knows her. 

Just then Preeta comes running back and tells Karan to call the police as Karan's goons have captured people in another room. 

Karan tells her to deep breathe and calm down as he is there and he will put everything right. 

Preeta looks at his smiling face and begins to relax while taking deep breaths. 

After a while, Karan tells Gurpreet to take Preeta to a safe place while he takes care of everything. 

Rajveer asks Shaurya why he is showing interest in Palki while Shaurya tells him to mind his own business because he does not have a copyright on Palki. 

Seeing Rajveer and Shaurya argue, Daljeet tells them to stop fighting.

Meanwhile, Shanaya holds Shaurya’s hand to calm him but Rajveer tells her to stay away from Shaurya and also warns Shaurya to stay away from Palki. 

However, Shaurya walks out from there telling Rajveer that he will do as he pleases. 

Mahesh Marbles Worked

The goons settle guests and servants in the hall and are looking the other way when Girish tells some people to sneak out of the door as it is open.

Mahesh spreads the marbles on the floor for the goons to fall upon it. 

Just then, some more goons join the prisoners and total chaos takes place where everyone is beating the goons. 

After a while, a gunshot in the air freezes everyone while Shekhar tells Rishabh that he has no personal grudge against him and that if he lets them finish their work then they will be left alone. 

As Kareena tells him she will personally go with him, Shekhar gets suspicious and tells his men to tie everyone and shut the door. 

In the meantime, Shaurya is walking with Sandy and Amy when Amy tells him to stop talking about Palki as his feelings are in the open. 

Shaurya tells him not to talk nonsense and scolds Sandy for filing his head with this talk.

Rajveer Saves Shaurya

The goon scolds everyone for daring to run and tells his men to take off the jewellery from everyone. 

Just then, Shaurya and his friends come there and hide behind the pillar. 

As he tries to attack them, he slips and falls right in front of them while the goons surround him and put him at gunpoint. 

Rajveer comes from somewhere and heroically removes the gun from the goon's hand while Shaurya tackles the goon with a knife and once again a fight breaks up.

In the meantime, Kavya and Dadi come to untie Rakhi and Kareena when Shekhar spots Kavya and tells his men to capture him as she has the keys. 

Dadi tells Kavya to run as they are safe until they think she has the keys. 

Kavya runs and hides in the room. 

Rajveer Locks Preeta and Kavya Together

On the other hand, Rajveer meets Preeta and Gurpreet in the corridor and locks them in a room to keep them safe. 

Preeta is shocked at Rajveer's behaviour and tells him to open the door, but he leaves saying to stay quiet. 

Kavya who is hiding in the same room comes there and is shocked to see Preeta in front of her. 

Later, Preeta also sees Kavya and feels mesmerized to see her there while Kavya walks towards her and hugs her. 

Both mother and daughter feel at peace to be in each other's arms but they cannot enjoy the peace for long as Shekhar comes there telling Kavya to come with him. 

Kavya tells him that she lied about having the keys while Preeta tricks Shekhar and hits him with a tray while helping Gurpreet and Kavya to run. 

As Shekhar comes out with the intention of following Kavya, Preeta tells him that she is the one with locker keys. 

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