Kundali Bhagya 16th February 2024 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 16th February 2024 Written Update

Today's Kundali Bhagya 16th February 2024 episode starts with Palki looking angry to see Rajveer/Shaurya ignoring her and telling Rajveer that she is leaving. 

However, Shaurya captures her hand and takes her to the dance floor to dance some more. 

Palki feels uncomfortable and tells him to leave while Shaurya spots Rajveer coming and disappears behind a pillar. 

Meanwhile, Palki walks out of the dance floor, tangles her foot in something, and is about to fall when Rajveer catches her. 

Seeing Rajveer hold her so close, Palki steps back and slaps him which stuns Rajveer as well as others. 

However, Shaurya enjoys the slap to his heart's content and goes to change his clothes before anyone spots him. 

Sandy follows Shaurya to the room and helps him change and hide the jacket and mask. 

Meanwhile, Rajveer asks Palki why she slapped him while Palki tells him that if he does not know why she slapped him then he should be ashamed. 

She tells him that he is trying to blame her when he is the one who has been misbehaving. 

Shaurya comes near them and puts something in Rajveer's pocket while pretending to dissolve their conflict. 

Rajveer tells him to stay out of it and asks Palki to tell him what has he done. 

Meanwhile, Palki tells him that he has tried to take liberties on the dance floor without her consent in a drunken state. 

Rajveer looks puzzled and tells her that he has not drunk at all while Palki tells him to stop lying as she has seen him drinking herself. 

She tells him that he disgusts himself in her eyes and she does not want to see his face. 

Seeing Palki leave, Rajveer tells her to stop and finish the conversation. 

On the other hand, Preeta arrives at the hospital to meet Shrishti. 

Meanwhile, Karan is at the same hospital and walks in the corridor while talking on the phone. 

Both Preeta and Karan miss each other as the screen comes in between them. 

Later, the doctor who treated Preeta takes her for further checkup saying that he has been trying to contact Rajveer many times. 

Meanwhile, Karan is thinking about the results and wonders what if the reports are wrong. 

He also asks himself about the possibility of having it all wrong as he knows that Rajveer wants to do something big but what and why? 

He jerks his negative thoughts away and makes plans of showering him with love if he turns out to be Rudra. 

In the meantime, Rajveer tells Palki that she is accusing him of something that he has not done and that she is targeting his character which he will not abide quietly. 

Palki tells him that she has realised that he will not accept his faults so she is telling him that they are over. 

However, Rajveer tells her that it cannot be over until he also accepts that. 

He tells her that there is some great misunderstanding and he wants a chance to prove himself. 

Shaurya once again comes between them and tells Rajveer that he has seen how he was behaving with Palki and if it had been any other girl then she would have reddened her face with slaps. 

Meanwhile, Palki tells Shaurya to stay out of it as she is talking to Rajveer.

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