Kundali Bhagya 16th May 2024 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 16th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Kundali Bhagya episode starts with Palki asking Preeta that if they should go to Varun's house now while Preeta looks tensed.

Preeta says that they won't go now as even Rajveer isn't at home after which Palki says that she might be having headache so she'll make tea for her.

There, Rajveer tries to take Karan hospital while he asks for the water so he makes him lay on the sofa after which Luthra's family come back home and Kareena asks to Nidhi that if she still thinks Shaurya thinks that Karan loves Rajveer more than him.

Meanwhile, Nidhi agrees but Dadi says that it can't be truth as Shaurya even tried to save Rajveer from the goons after which Nidhi says it was just a coincidence.

On the other hand, Rajveer asks Karan to stay awake as his avenge is left thus he can't die so soon and screams for help but in vain.

Just then, Rakhi, Kavya, and Mahesh come and see the family members outside of the house and question while Nidhi says that they were just discussing that Shaurya thinks Karan loves Rajveer more but Rajveer hates Karan.

However, Rakhi says Rajveer doesn't hate Karan as otherwise, he wouldn't have saved him.

After that, they hear Rajveer's scream for help and rushes inside the home while Rajveer tries to bandage Karan but can't so he asks him to come to the hospital.

Meanwhile, Karan refuses to go to the hospital until Rajveer forgives him after which Rajveer asks him to not blackmail as otherwise, he feels he has cut his wrist.

Just then, Luthra's family comes inside and rushes to Karan while Rajveer tells them that Karan cut his wrist while Nidhi slaps Rajveer blaming him for Karan's condition.

She asks him to leave while Preeta continues to feel wrong thus she calls Rajveer while Luthra's family decides to take Karan to the room and Rajveer tries to help but Nidhi stops him.

He receives Preeta's call while Preeta listens about Karan cutting wrist over the call so she leaves while Rajveer leaves and thinks about Karan and Srishti's words.

After that, he says that he always feels pain seeing Karan in pain and his son comes forward to save him but today he is responsible for his condition.

There, Kritika tries to bandage Karan while Nidhi continues to blame Rajveer for the incident after which Rakhi and Kavya defend him.

Just then, Karan clarifies that Rajveer is innocent and it was he who loses cool and cut the wrist while Rajveer thinks he can't decide Karan is right or wrong.

Further, Preeta comes to treat Karan and Nidhi mocks her but Preeta treats Karan as Rakhi allows her.

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