Kundali Bhagya 16th November 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 16th November 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 16th November 2023 Written Update: Kundali written update

Today's Kundali Bhagya 16th November 2023 episode starts with Preeta cautioning the thugs to keep their distance from Shaurya as she won't hesitate to take action against them while Shekhar underestimates her.

As Shekhar advances toward Shaurya with a knife, Preeta swiftly intervenes, wielding a large diya stand and striking Shekhar in the face.

It causes him to bleed profusely and collapse to the ground.

She warns Shekhar never to underestimate her again as she's capable of not only breaking bones but also shattering their audacity.

Meanwhile, the Luthra family takes charge of the goons when Rishabh, Mahesh, and Rajveer rush off to seek a solution but end up getting caught by the goons leading Kritika to mock them.

However, Mahesh scolds Rishabh for not following his plan while the goons ask them to shut their mouths leading Mahesh to even scold the goons.

Elsewhere, Shaurya and Preeta lock themselves in a room when Preeta attends to Shaurya's wounds, telling him that everything will be fine and expressing her motherly love to him.

Preeta insists on handling the goons but Shaurya refuses and frantically calls her "MAA," evoking their mother-son bond, convincing her to lock herself in the room while he faces the situation.

Shanaya collides with Shaurya, asking him the reason behind being a coward as they should fight the goons off rather than hiding in rooms.

However, Shaurya mocks Shanaya and appreciates Palki in front of her.

Meanwhile, Karan rushes through the corridor wondering about Preeta's whereabouts and decides to lash out at her this time for being careless about the situation.

He picks up a flower vase, deciding to face the goons instead of hiding since it's his house and he's the king here.

In the living room, the goons start fighting among themselves, giving the opportunity to the Luthra family members to escape when suddenly, Kritika falls down.

One of the goons immediately catches her while Shaurya collides with Karan leading the latter to react, mistaking Shaurya for one of the approaching goons.

The goons somehow manage to gather the refugees again in the living room when Kritika spots Palki outside at the door through the space between the glass mirror.

Palki is about to ring the doorbell when just then, she spots Kritika signalling her to call the Police.

Meanwhile, Palki panics and calls the Police but gets caught by a goon who got the lead through Kiritka looking towards the door.

Elsewhere, Kareena reminds everyone that they are Luthras who are supposed to scare other people instead of being cowards.

Karan adds that they should fight the goons and pitches the idea of creating smoke to obscure their vision while Kareena appreciates the idea.

In the meantime, Kritika scolds the goons for misbehaving with Palki while Palki asks the goons to quit trespassing and focus on working hard.

Further, Kareena suggests they use the kitchen weapons to fight off the goons while Shaurya decides to check the living room situation.

The goons drag Palki and Kritika to a separate room and tie them to the chairs, Palki escapes through the door as the goon leaves it open mistakenly.

Meanwhile, Mahesh is almost about to attack Dadi leading her to scold him for mistaking her footsteps with the goons.

Elsewhere, Palki rushes through the corridor and collides with Shaurya when he suddenly catches her and recalls their sweet moments.

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