Kundali Bhagya 17th August 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 17th August 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 17th August 2023 Written Update: Kundali written update

Today's Kundali Bhagya 17th August 2023 episode starts with Karan telling Rishabh that he is happy to see him talking about Preeta so openly.

On the other hand, Shrishti craves some tea while Preeta tells her that the tea is for Rajveer since he's going to work.

Preeta tells her that she'll make tea for her but after they return from the temple.

She starts packing lunch for Rajveer while he gets a call from Kavya on her phone and Preeta goes to answer it.

However, the caller is Karan who is calling Rajveer through Kavya's phone and disconnects once Rishabh asks him about the pink cover.

Preeta put the phone down and goes back in the kitchen while Karan calls Rajveer again.

This time, Shrishti picks up the call and says hello while both she and Karan get shocked to hear each other's voice.

Shrishti flings the phone to Rajveer telling him that it's his boss while Karan asks about the lady to Rajveer.

Rajveer lies that it was no one after which Karan tells him to come home and disconnects the call.

Elsewhere, Shaurya asks Kavya if she has revealed the truth to the family and she says that she hasn't.

She tries to explain to him that he should be nicer to people and stop being mean as she, Palki, and Rajveer all knew about what he did but they didn't say anything in court.

Shaurya gets upset with her for siding with Rajveer and goes to Nidhi's room to complain to her.

He asks her when she's going to do something about Rajveer and she tells him to not worry as she has started her plan already.

On the other hand, Palki and her sister continue bickering as they are on their way toward the temple where Shrishti and Preeta are there.

Preeta compliments Palki's makeover while her sister, Shanaya takes her credit.

Shanaya complains that Palki was unwillingly dragging her to the temple and does drama while Srishti and Preeta leave from there.

A man keeps monitoring them along with Nidhi who is talking to Aarohi on call while sitting in her car.

She tells Aarohi that she is going to close Preeta's chapter today and starts driving the car toward Preeta intending to hit her with it.

Fortunately, Shrishti notices the car and drags Preeta towards her before Nidhi can kill her.

Nidhi drives away from there while Shrishti and Preeta rush home.

Once home, Shrishti cleans Preeta's wound who thinks of it as an accident while Shrishti doubts that it is Nidhi.

Shrishti tells Preeta that she will not go anywhere alone while Preeta asks her who will want to hurt her there.

Preeta talks about how she doesn't even remember her life when she used to live in Mumbai in the past and tells Shrishti to chill.

Shrishti recalls how the Luthra family had kicked Preeta out of their family and how she had left the Luthra family to go after her sister.

Back at the Luthra house, Shanaya goes towards Kavya's room while Palki goes to take care of Dadi.

Sandy manages to convince Shaurya to give him his car keys and is leaving when he bumps into Shanaya who talks rudely with him.

As he leaves, Shanaya hears the girls' voices and goes to check on them.

She gets jealous seeing the girls while Shaurya notices her and tells her to call Girish there.

Shanaya leaves from there getting angry while she calms herself and wonders how to woo Shaurya.

Palki takes care of Dadi while on the other hand, the investigator Nitin meets Nidhi outside of the Luthra house and tells her that he know what she tried to do to the lady that Karan is looking for.

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