Kundali Bhagya 17th January 2024 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 17th January 2024 Written Update

Today's Kundali Bhagya 17th January 2024 episode starts with Preeta telling Rajveer that Shaurya has committed this mistake because he does not have a real mother to guide him. 

She also tells Rajveer that she is so angry with Shaurya that she has slapped him for lying to her and putting his family in jeopardy. 

Rajveer looks shocked and while Preeta refuses to go to court the next day. 

Elsewhere, Karan comes to meet Rishabh and tells him that he missed him a lot while Rishabh hugs him saying he purposely went away so he can miss him. 

He also assures him that now he is back they will handle all the situations together. 

Meanwhile, Karan tells Rishabh that if Preeta had been there then she would have handled everything. 

Elsewhere, Preeta is thinking about Shuarya and feels sad for slapping him and thinks about doing something to help Shaurya come out of jail. 

At the same time, Nidhi feels stupid for bribing Surya and decides to put things right.

Rishabh tells Karan that they have never wronged anyone so God will not let anything happen to them. 

The next morning, Luthras awaits Shaurya at the court when he arrives in the police jeep. 

Meanwhile, Surya tells his constables to let Shaurya talk to his family while there is time in the hearing. 

Rakhi, Kareena, Dadi, and Shanaya tell Shaurya to not worry and that everything will be alright. 

However, Shaurya feels irritated and walks inside while Nidhi tells him to not say anything in court and that the lawyer will take care of everything.

Inside the court, the prosecutor starts the court proceedings informing the court about facts related to the case while the defendant argues in defence Shaurya’s defense. 

Meanwhile, Shaurya recalls the conversation with Preeta the previous night and confesses to the court that he has committed the crime. 

The whole Luthra family becomes shocked while Rishabh tells the judge that Shaurya is lying and he can never do that. 

Rakhi, Kareena, Kavya, and Nidhi all try to change his mind telling him he is innocent but Shaurya tells them that he is the culprit and should be punished. 

Before the Judge can give his judgment, the time for recess happens and he postpones the judgment post lunch. 

Later, Nidhi comes to scold Shaurya for admitting to his fault while Shuarya tells her that he was on the wrong path but Preeta had told him the power of truth and face the punishment for what he has done wrong. 

In the meantime, Rajveer comes late to the court and is shocked to hear that Shaurya has confessed to the crime while the lawyer tells them that now nothing can happen. 

Rakhi and Dadi think Shaurya has taken all the blame to save them all. 

Meanwhile, Rajveer asks the lawyer to find a way to save Shaurya while the lawyer tells him that the only way to save Shuarya is if someone takes the blame for Shaurya.

Nidhi comes to confront Preeta saying that she is Shaurya’s mother and has loved him a lot because she had no choice as his stepmother and she is proud of it. 

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