Kundali Bhagya 17th June 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 17th June 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 17th June 2023 Written Update: Kundali written update

Today's Kundali Bhagya 17th June 2023 episode starts with Karan trying to wake Preeta and telling her not to leave him again as he spent twenty years without her and does not want to spend a second more without her. 

Crying like a child, he begs her to wake up and promises to always treat her like a queen.

Referring to himself as "Kadwa Karela" (bitter gourd), he tells her to listen to him and jolts her to wake up. 

Karan falls back as his energy dissipates while Preeta opens her eyes for a while and then shuts them again.

Meanwhile, Nidhi calls the goon asking him if he is the one who has made the mess out of everything.

The goon arrogantly tells her that she should be thankful that he has not exposed her despite the risk he had to take because of her. 

Afterwards, he asks her if there is another way inside the outhouse while Nidhi tells him that there is.

Also she does not want Preeta back in her life therefore commands him to kill her.

Meanwhile, Rakhi snatches the phone from Nidhi, overhearing Preeta’s name. 

Elsewhere, Palki examines the fireman and tells Rishabh to arrange for an injection for him or else his life cannot be saved. 

Rishabh orders the injection and helps others in taking the fireman inside. 

Meanwhile, police tells Rishabh that they will be checking the house for the culprit if he is still in the house. 

In the meantime, Rakhi aggressively asks Nidhi who is she talking with about Preeta. 

Kareena also comes there and equally aggressively asks her to answer Rakhi. 

Nidhi denies taking Preeta’s name while Rakhi tells her to stop lying to her as she herself has heard everything. 

Kareena gets emotional and asks Nidhi if she has also seen Preeta just like her and Dadi and tells Rakhi that she was right. 

However, Nidhi scolds Kareena for reciting Preeta’s name and warns Rakhi to never again snatch her phone from her or else she will charge Shaurya on them and they all know how Shaurya will deal with them. 

Seeing Aarohi come in, she purposely explains to them that she was talking to Aarohi about her club friend Preeta and does not want her to come to the party. 

Rakhi innocently believes Nidhi and apologises to her when Aarohi asks her why did she disconnect the call. 

Later, Kareena tells her that they believe her that Preeta is alive and very soon they will meet her because they have seen her in the house. 

In the meantime, the goon enters the outhouse which was saved from fire and ventures in to get his work done before anyone sees him. 

He sees Karan lying on the floor and is surprised to see him alive while Karan begs her to save Preeta. 

However, the goon tells him that he can't save Preeta as he has rather come to kill her.

Seeing the goon suffocate Preeta, Karan gets into protective mode and picks up the nearby burning stick and beats attacks him. 

The goon gets angry and beats him to unconsciousness. 

Afterwards, he decides to put Preeta in the room with mattresses and light it so people will assume Preeta died a natural death. 

Meanwhile, Karan sees Preeta being dragged to another room.

Just then, Nidhi again calls the goon who tells her about Karan’s presence while Nidhi refuses to believe that Karan can also be there in the house. 

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