Kundali Bhagya 17th March 2024 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 17th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Kundali Bhagya episode starts with Nidhi entering her room as she is sweaty and recalls Karan and Preeta together while Karan comes behind her and asks her what is the matter and why is she crying.

Nidhi replies that she can't bear to see Karan and Preeta together and she can't replace her while he tells her that he can do anything for Preeta's smile.

Meanwhile, Preeta recalls how she misunderstood Karan and everything that happened and gets a flashback of the past all of a sudden.

Concurrently, Karan and Nidhi talk about how Nidhi feels about Karan but Karan doesn't.

She further adds that she has spent 20 years with him in the hope that one day he will start loving her while Karan says that he has always loved Preeta and no one else.

Karan explains to her that he can never love anyone except for Preeta while Nidhi says why can't he love her and says that Preeta can't stay in this home anymore.

Karan requests her not to do anything and starts packing Nidhi's bag while Nidhi says she won't leave this house at any cost as she loves him and threatens him of suicide.

Karan keeps on explaining himself to her but she can't believe it as he says that he can't live without Preeta and Nidhi Says that she can't live without him.

He says that Preeta has made him alive, otherwise he was just living earlier.

He asks Nidhi to let him go to Preeta if she loves him as she cries.

On the other hand, Rajveer goes to Mr.Pandey and he shows him the picture of Preeta and Bani together while he asks him what is going on.

He even warns Rajveer not to ditch him as he explains to Mr.Pandey that Preeta is a physiotherapist and has gotten a job there.

He still suspects Rajveer of ditching him and reminds him that he wanted to destroy Karan Luthra and it won't happen if she starts making new relationships with them.

Rajveer explains to him that he tried to stop Preeta but couldn't and is waiting for an opportunity to bring his plan into action.

On the flip side, Karan tries to calm Nidhi down as she tells him that she loves him a lot and asks him why can't he love her.

Karan stops her and says that he can't explain to her anymore and that he can't love anyone as much as he loves Preeta as he says that he has never given her any false hopes and asks her to go back to London.

Nidhi cries continuously saying she won't be able to live without Karan as he says that he will never develop feelings for her and he begs her to understand his part once.

He finally breaks all ties with Nidhi but she keeps on crying as he says that they aren't related to each other even with the relation of friendship.

He asks her to go back but she refuses and Karan leaves.

Nidhi follows him and trips while she recalls what he said just now.

She goes to her room as she recalls some past moments and talks to herself that she has nowhere to go as this is her family.

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